WAR veterans want President Robert Mugabe to establish a commission of enquiry to flush out senior Zanu PF officials with Rhodesian connections holding onto land in and around the country’s urban centres on behalf of “ex-Rhodies”.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA)  secretary-general Victor Matemadanda particularly expressed concern that ex-combatants and other landless Zimbabweans were being pushed off their land by ruling party politicians under the guise of indigenisation.

While Matemadanda did not mention names, he made inferences that some of the politicians included deputy Agriculture minister Paddy Zhanda and businessman and Zanu PF central committee member Philip Chiyangwa, as he cited their properties in Caledonia and Harare South respectively.

“Most curious about this situation is that almost all of these new indigenous owners of that land are people who worked for Rhodesian security services either as soldiers or as police officers.

“What makes it even more disturbing is the fact that some of these indigenous stooges of the white baases are now quite high in Zanu PF structures,” said Matemadanda.

“No wonder one ex-member of the Rhodesian police (BSAP)’s special branch wants to be Zanu PF political commissar.

“In Caledonia, an indigenous owner continues in partnership with a white person with a Boer name”.

Ironically, Zhanda claims ownership of the land through his company, Caledonia Enterprise that he co-owns with Rina Leonie Dutoit.

The duo that was represented by David Drury of Honey and Blanckenberg recently obtained an interim High Court order to evict Zanu PF supporters who had taken part of the farm.

In another recent case, a housing development consortium which sold residential stands to over

20 000 people in Harare South lost its bid in court to stop Chiyangwa from reclaiming the land on three farms he owns.

Matemadanda accused ruling party bigwigs of fleecing ordinary Zimbabweans by demanding that they “pay steep prices for the residential plots under lengthy mortgages”.

The war veterans’ leader said the problem was more rampant in the capital and Bulawayo.

“We strongly believe that this element comprising mainly colonial opportunistic lumpen is being hired to use Rhodesian money to destabilise the ruling party (Zanu PF),” said Matemadanda.

The war veterans said the commission they want instituted should look into the ownership of the land prior to the land reform programme as well as when and how it was transferred to the current owners.

Contacted for comment, Chiyangwa said he would respond appropriately to the “madness”.

Source: The Zimbabwe Mail

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