Mugabe 7PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has revealed having internal differences with his lieutenants on how to respond to Western imposed sanctions his regime blames for the country’s protracted economic ruin.

The veteran leader said in his closing address during a Zanu PF annual national conference in Victoria Falls Saturday there were some within who preferred giving in to external demands.

“The sanctions have made us tough; some have been crying sanctions, sanctions, we are too hard. Why don’t we accept what the Americans say
and what the British say?

“No, we have our own philosophy, ideology and we believe that our own natural resources are our own.”

The West, backed by the US which has also imposed its own embargo, have demanded the restoration of human rights in Zimbabwe and the softening of the country’s tough investment laws, among others, in order to relax their sanctions.

But President Mugabe sees a plot by the rich West to both impose regime change in Zimbabwe as well as plunder the country’s natural resources, something he says shall not escape the full effect of the local indigenisation laws.

Mugabe insisted resources shall be thoroughly protected from outsiders.

“We don’t share them with anyone except ourselves and except those who come to us as partners and we agree they shall do A, B and C on their part and we do A, B and C on our part. But they must accept that we are the owners of our resources,” he said.

Mugabe said there were some foreign firms, especially in mining, that were still reluctant to comply with the country’s empowerment laws which compel them to surrender atleast 51 per cent equity to locals.

“Well, this is 2015 and of course, we are in December end of the year but certainly come January 2016, that stubbornness and resistance we say should end in 2015,” he said.

“2016, we will not accept a company which refuses and rejects our policy of indigenisation and empowerment in a manner in which we describe it.”

Mugabe said his government shall remain tough on foreign firms that come solely to plunder the country’s finite resources.

Source: New Zimbabwe

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