Mugabe 5THE Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC has said President Robert Mugabe should not cry foul over the securocrats’ involvement in his party’s politics, arguing that the nonagenarian leader was to blame for the situation.

Addressing party supporters in Victoria Falls at the party’s annual conference, which ended on Saturday, the long-ruling nonagenarian cautioned the army, the police and the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) against participating and meddling in Zanu PF’s seemingly-unstoppable factional and succession wars.

However, MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said Mugabe simply confirmed what the MDC has always been complaining about over a very long period of time.

“But then, he (Mugabe) is primarily responsible for openly inviting the securocrats to become active politicians.

“How many times have you witnessed uniformed police officers and soldiers, including CIO operatives, openly campaigning for Zanu PF with the president conveniently keeping quiet about it? Nhasi zvazorwadza nhaika (It is bad now)?”

During the conference, Mugabe said: “Apa patasvika pekuti vamwe vava kupindira hapana kunaka. Vanhu vari kuuya kwandiri vachinditi zvakanaka here izvi? Inga vamwe vava kupindira, vechisoja, vechipurisa, veintelligence vaakufamba vachiti ava vanodavo ngana avo ndovokwangana. Havadi ngana vanoda party.

“Let’s stop that. We are ruining the party. Gwara reparty riripo (We have now entered a dangerous era. People are telling me that what is happening is not good and that soldiers, the police and the intelligence services are now also involved in the party’s factional wars),” Mugabe said.

However, Gutu said the MDC respects the police, the army and the CIO, “but we have always stated that, in accordance with the dictates of our Constitution, the securocracy shouldn’t be involved in active politics.

“Be that as it may, the MDC is thoroughly amused by the ceaseless factionalism in Zanu PF and in fact, we pray to God the Almighty that this factionalism should get even worse until Zanu PF is torn into smithereens.

“The demise of the Zanu PF political hegemony is the forerunner to the genuine and sustainable democratisation of the Zimbabwean nation-state,” added the former Chisipite senator.

Source: Daily News 

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