MDC call Mugabe an unrepentant ‘murderous monster’President Robert Mugabe is an unrepentant “murderous monster” whose threat to introduce a second Gukurahundi should not be seen as a sign of senility but evidence of “evil that is truly in his heart”, the MDC has said.

The Welshman Ncube-led MDC was responding to reports that Mugabe threatened war veterans at the Zanu PF politburo meeting Thursday, labelling them “dissidents”.

Mugabe appeared to boast about the 1980’s massacres which saw him deploying the Fifth Brigade to Matebeleland and Midlands provinces where they wantonly murdered an estimated 20 000 people under the pretext of hunting down the “dissidents”.

Research has since found that the brigade went village by village killing civilians including pregnant women whom they accused of carrying dissidents’ foetuses in their wombs. Mugabe himself has previously said the episode was “a regrettable moment of madness”.

But on Thursday Mugabe took many aback as he appeared to suggest that the actions of the army then were justified because they were tracking down dissidents.

Warning the war veterans against rebellion, Mugabe reminded them of the 1980s episode, telling them “the dissidents tried it, you know what happened”.

The MDC said it was “utterly shocked that as the country is still trying to come to terms with the senseless killing of thousands of innocent people, Mugabe has the temerity to utter reckless statements”.

“These shocking utterances are the clearest signal yet that this murderous monster we call a President, is unrepentant over his role in the killings of thousands of innocent people during Gukurahundi,” said a statement from the party.

“At his old age we expect him to be asking for forgiveness and exercising wisdom in words and deeds, but he is giving the people of Zimbabwe the exact opposite. It is unfortunate that this sickening tirade from Mugabe has just taken efforts and what little progress there was towards peace and reconciliation in the country a thousand steps backwards.”

The statement added: “His mad rant yesterday was a stark reminder of the sheer evil, hate and selfishness that drove Gukurahundi whereby some people like Mugabe believed they were Gods and could dictate who should live or be killed.

“While it is easy to dismiss these utterances as being a result of senility and old age, it is clear that Mugabe through anger and hate allowed his guard to drop and spoke the evil that is truly in his heart.”

MDC call Mugabe an unrepentant ‘murderous monster’

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Source: New Zimbabwe

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