Mujuru fears Harare rally disruptionFormer Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) fears the ruling Zanu PF may try to either stop its inaugural rally in Harare or disrupt it, as it was shaken by the crowds they drew at their meeting in Bulawayo last weekend.

ZimPF spokesperson, Jealous Mawarire yesterday said, while the party had notified the police as required by law and received communication from authorities that the gathering could proceed, there were indications that there were efforts to disrupt it.

“Following the undisputed and resounding success of our rally in Bulawayo, as well as the unsuccessful bid by Zanu PF to disrupt it, we feel Zanu PF thugs could still be trying to find ways of creating havoc in Harare this coming weekend,” he said.

“They tried it in Bulawayo with a handful of hired 14-year-olds, who had been rewarded with stands by Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, but they failed. However, that will not stop them from trying the same trick in Harare. We will be monitoring the situation closely.”

Mawarire claimed Zanu PF was not amused by the “huge turnout” in Bulawayo.

ZimPF made similar claims ahead of its rally in Bulawayo, although it proceeded without incident and they risk being accused of crying wolf ahead of their rallies.

In a letter to the opposition party, officer commanding police Harare district, Newbert Saunyama “noted” ZimPF’s notification to hold the public gathering with strict regulations, including control of rogue supporters’ behaviour and co-operation with authorities.

Early this week, police forced the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T to bring forward its anti-government demonstration initially scheduled for June 25 to tomorrow, after Zanu PF claimed it would be holding an event in Mutare on the same day.

This was despite the fact that police had given the party greenlight to hold the demonstration.

Mawarire said his party would not be shocked if the same were to happen to them.

“We hope it does not come to that. We are watching developments and so far everything is okay. But you all know that such moves by Zanu PF are only meant to disrupt other political parties’ programmes and not necessarily because it has anything to do with their party activities,” he claimed.

“If they are going to try and play the same trick on us, they would not do it mid-week. Normally such announcements that other parties move or suspend their programmes come hours before the event.”

Mujuru was in Bulawayo last weekend were she addressed thousands of supporters in her first appearance at a political rally since being forced out of Zanu PF last year over allegations she was behind a plot to remove Mugabe from power by foul means.

Mujuru fears Harare rally disruption

Author: Richard Chidza

Source: News Day

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