Chinamasa not wanted in BritainChinamasa not wanted in Britain: Upon arrival in Britain, Chinamasa was greeted by hostility from the British government and from Zimbabwean demonstrators.

Britains relationship with the Zimbabwean government has been frosty since their stand off in the early 2000s over the violent land reforms initiated by President Mugabe. President Mugabe’s continued rants against the West has caused the relationship to decline even further.

Chinamasa was detained in Heathrow airport on his way to a money raising conference in Chatham House in London.

Once he arrived at the London Conference, Chinamasa defended land reforms, saying that ‘land reform is here to stay’.

As a result of hostile relations between Britain and the Zimbabwean government, British investors are less interested in investing in Zimbabwe, which has seen Zimbabwe falling into a severe economic depression.

Chinamasa was also confronted by Zimbabwean protestors when he arrived at the London Conference. This is the second time in 2 days Chinamasa has been confronted with such protests. Protestors from the Zimbabwe Vigil and its sister organisation Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe picketed the conference at Chatham House. Demonstrators were seen with posters and singing protest songs. Protests reflect growing unrest in the urban areas of Zimbabwe, which has occurred as a result of Mugabe’s corrupt regime and the gross human rights violations in the area.

Chinamasa was driven up at about 8 am to a side door of the conference venue in the financial district. Vigil co-ordinator Fungayi Mabhunu spotted the Ambassador’s car, and when Chinamasa got out Fungayi demanded to know what he had done with the $15 billion Mugabe says has disappeared from diamond revenues. ‘He was really shaken’, said Fungayi.

The Vigil reported that at Monday’s meeting at Chatham House, Chinamasa and his companions had no answers to the questions put to him. He was described as ‘arrogant and rude’.

Title: Chinamasa not wanted in Britain

Author: Zimbabwe Vigil

Source: Zimbabwe Vigil 

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