SPEAKER of Parliament Advocate Jacob Mudenda Mudenda raps Govt bureaucracycalled on workers to work overtime and expect not to be paid extra remuneration.

Mudenda said this would steer productivity and ensure companies remain afloat than for them to retrench workers because of low production.

He was speaking on Friday at the Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe (IPMZ) convention in Victoria Falls, where he also advocated for empathy among workers and directors.

The convention which ended Saturday was being held under the theme “Igniting human resources in the changing environs-evolve, transform and add value” and was attended by human resources managers and directors from private and public companies countrywide.

Mudenda told the managers that they should strive to create an environment that would compel workers to provide labour for no extra-pay.

“Because of the current challenges industry is facing, such as limited capacity to offer competitive salaries matching or above poverty datum line, as well as late payment of salaries, it becomes critically important for shop floor employees, managers and directors to be imbued with a sense of empathy with a spirit of togetherness even to the extent of wanting to work overtime for no extra remuneration in order to increase and avoid retrenchments,” he said.

Mudenda said dignity of hard work is enshrined in the Constitution as it is spelt out in the preamble.

“I also consider empathy as a critical enabler for human resources to engender a conducive working environment as well as provide the required emotional intelligence resulting in industry upholding the dignity of hard work,” he said.

“In that regard,” he added, “empathy assumes a critical dimension in terms of job satisfaction and economic security for employees and has a direct bearing on accelerated productivity.”

Mudenda said working overtime would increase productivity and avoid retrenchments as companies would then produce enough to pay their workers the normal salaries and wages.

“The preamble to the Constitution also in part enjoins us to acknowledge the richness of our natural resources and celebrate the vibrancy of our traditions to overcome all challenges and obstacles that impede our progress and to cherish, and, also uphold the dignity of work as we search for new frontiers under a common destiny,” said Mudenda.

He said that dignity of work will create a corporate family and “any industrial activity which fails to factor in the dignity of work is likely to result in an alienated and demotivated workforce with negative impacts on productivity.”

Mudenda’s statement is likely to steer animosity among government workers who are disgruntled over delay in payment of salaries. A majority of workers have of late clashed with their pay masters over unpaid over-time and other benefits.

The Speaker of Parliament challenged human resources to be creative and innovative and also to embrace Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to factor in e-commerce and e-industry.


Title: Work for free to save jobs, says Mudenda

Author: Matebeleland North Correspondent

Source: New Zimbabwe

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