Parties turn up heat on Mugabe before Friday's mass marchOpposition political parties and civic groups in Zimbabwe have written to President Robert Mugabe seeking an urgent meeting ahead of Friday’s mass march for electoral reforms and a protest against economic decline, police brutality and corruption.

When Mugabe, 92, won a disputed election in July 2013 he did so on promises to create twomillion jobs and revive an economy that had been in recession for more than a decade. But the economy has since been in a free fall.

Recent anti- government protests – some involving civil servants who were not paid on time – have rocked the government.

Mugabe, who has pledged to stand for re-election in 2018, has angered war veterans, who have denounced his ”dictatorial tendencies”.

Opposition parties, which are exploring the possibility of forming an anti-Mugabe coalition to contest the elections, want Mugabe to resign because of his failed promises.

Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai said the planned march aimed to put pressure on government to carry out reforms to guarantee that the 2018 election would be free and fair.

Parties turn up heat on Mugabe before Friday’s mass march

Author: Nhlalo Ndaba

Source: Times Live

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