Zimbabwe: Exiled Zim Cleric Mawarire Denied Entry in the UKExiled Zimbabwean cleric Evan Mawarire has been denied entry into the United Kingdom after failing to secure travel documents, reports said on Wednesday.

According to New Zimbabwe.com, immigration officials told him that his visa had been refused just hours before he was due to board a flight to London.

It remained unclear why his visa was rejected, with the Premier saying he was appealing.

Mawarire was reportedly due to to speak to the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group. The event had since been cancelled.

Confirming the cancellation of the event, Mawarire tweeted that this was due to the failure of a Visa approval by UK authorities.

Mawarire became an instant hero after he organised Zimbabwe’s biggest shutdown protest in nearly a decade through a social media campaign in recent month.

His #ThisFlag campaign against economic stagnation and corruption concerns earned him criticism from the country’s long-time president, 92-year-old Robert Mugabe.

Mawarire’s first #ThisFlag video was posted in April.

He ranted about how the Zimbabwe flag’s colours had lost significance because of alleged political mismanagement.

The video attracted over 120 000 views on the day it was posted.

My visit to the UK has been delayed due to Visa not yet being issued. Looking forward to the UK interactions once it comes through #ThisFlag– #ThisFlag E Mawarire (@PastorEvanLive) October 18, 2016

Zimbabwe: Exiled Zim Cleric Mawarire Denied Entry in the UK

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