Zimbabwe wants man in Mugabe diamond ring row extraditedZimbabwean police have sought the extradition of a Lebanese businessman embroiled in a dispute over a $1.35 million diamond ring with First Lady Grace Mugabe, according to court documents seen by dpa on Thursday.

The court had earlier ordered Grace Mugabe to vacate five of Jamal Ahmed’s properties, which she had allegedly seized in compensation for the undelivered ring that President Robert Mugabe had bought from the businessman for the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary in 2016.

Ahmed said Grace Mugabe had refused to accept the ring on delivery, but the first lady said she had never received it.

Court documents filed by two police officers denied that Grace Mugabe had occupied Ahmed’s properties and said police had done so, because the businessman was wanted for multiple offences.

Police asked Interpol to facilitate the extradition of the businessman, whose whereabouts are not known.

Ahmed has said in court documents that he does not want to return to Zimbabwe, because he fears for his life.

Robert Mugabe, 92, and his 51-year-old wife have been accused of a lavish lifestyle in the country where an estimated 80 per cent of the workforce are unemployed.

The regime has also been accused of heavily repressing and even killing opponents, which it denies. The southern African country has seen mounting protests against Mugabe in recent months.

Zimbabwe wants man in Mugabe diamond ring row extradited

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Source: IOL

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