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Mugabe’s new land grab threats have caused concern

AfriBusiness has condemned Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s threats to embark on fresh land grabs targeting the remaining 73 white commercial farmers in Mashonaland East, with him saying they must give the land to youth.

Mugabe over the weekend said that the remaining white commercial farmers in the country should be removed from their properties because Zimbabweans needed land.

Mugabe was addressing thousands of supporters of his ruling Zanu-PF party supporters in the farming town of Marondera on Friday.

This was the latest threat from Mugabe where he made it clear that his government would initiate new land grabs against the few remaining white farmers in the country.

In 2000, Zimbabwe embarked on an extreme approach to land reform where farms were taken from white farmers, often times by means of violent land invasions.

Obert Gutu, spokesperson for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), an opposition party in Zimbabwe, said that Mugabe’s latest resolution was nonsensical, racist, primitive and retrogressive.

AfriBusiness law and policy analyst, Armand Greyling, said the nonprofit business rights watchdog agreed with Gutu, adding that Mugabe’s “land reform plague” was a danger to South Africa.

“AfriBusiness is fearful that this plague of land reform through illegal land invasion will spread across Zimbabwe’s border to South Africa. In the past year, numerous agricultural property owners have contacted AfriBusiness regarding illegal land grabs,” Greyling said in a statement.

“If political extremists use Mugabe’s statements to gain public support in South Africa, we fear that the problem will spiral out of control. We already have a dangerous case of unlawful land occupation of three adjacent properties in Pienaarspoort, to mention but one case.”

Greyling said AfriBusiness would continue to protect the rights of their members and fight for the protection of the Constitutional safeguard for property.

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Source: The Citizen

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