Moses Gutu has denounced his party leader
Moses Gutu has denounced his party leader

The opposition MDC-T leadership in Manicaland province has hailed Zanu PF central committee member and Nyanga Rural District Council chairperson, Moses Gutu, for biting the bullet and calling on President Robert Mugabe to step down.

Gutu is under an internal party probe after he, on several occasions, allegedly called for Mugabe to step down on the basis of age and hand over power to a younger person in the party.

Addressing mourners at the burial of Nyanga Ward 19 councillor, Alexander Madanha Muchadeyi last week, MDC-T provincial spokesperson and Mutasa South MP Trevor Saruwaka said it was refreshing that those in Zanu PF were also convinced that Mugabe had overstayed his welcome.

“He is a man, who was determined to see a better future for his fellow countrymen, especially the young, whose lives have been destroyed by the Zanu PF government,” he said.

“There are problems everywhere ranging from high unemployment, poor infrastructure (roads), liquidity crunch and high levels of poverty. The source of all these problems can be traced to one person, one individual, one old man, one Robert Mugabe.

“This problem is not only seen by those in the opposition. Even those in the ruling party are also complaining about this old man. I was reading only yesterday where Councillor Gutu, who is here, was also suggesting that Mugabe hands over power to someone younger.”

Saruwaka said at 93, Mugabe only qualified to be an adviser, who should be nowhere near the corridors of political power.

He castigated the Zimbabwean leader for spending money and resources in Singapore, while his government had run down medical facilities in the country.

According to a report from the Zanu PF Nyanga District, Gutu allegedly called for Mugabe to step down and, at one point, did so in the presence of senior army officials in the district.

Contacted for comment, Gutu said the allegations were being hyped by people linked to the Joice Mujuru-led National People’s Party and those who lost in the central committee race.

“I never said that, but age is scientific. You can’t say a person with two years is 20 years,” he said without elaborating.

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