Mugabe Secrets: Ministers Cellphones Taken AwayMembers of ZANU PF’s senior decision making body, the Politburo, were yesterday barred from entering into the indaba meeting place with their cellphones.

Cabinet and Politburo members have before been ordered against leaking closed door deliberations with President Robert Mugabe adding that those who are in the habit of doing so are not doing themselves and Zanu PF any good.

The drama and intrigue in the Zanu PF factional wars is playing out in the public domain, with top leaders daily tearing each other apart.

President Robert Mugabe has before laid into the Mnangagwa faction which is using the state media to show a weak and dying Mugabe. The Mnangagwa controlled broadcaster, ZBC recently released a story claiming Mugabe had been presented with “a wheelchair”, a story that State House became disturbed about.

This explains the total blackout in the Mnangagwa controlled state media on crucial deliberations they were were both baying and also pushing to attack Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere in retaliation for his lack of support of Emmerson Mnangagwa, the latter who is seeking to replace Mugabe.

Yesterday the party introduced a security scanner at the entrance into the boardroom, where everyone, excluding President Robert Mugabe left their phones at the door.

Insiders said Mugabe was unhappy politburo deliberations were being leaked to the media verbatim, raising fears meetings were being recorded using cellphones.“The directive was made by the security department after fears that phones were being used to record and pass information to journalists,” a source told the local Newsday.

Journalists were also moved from the waiting area on the 14th floor to the boardroom on the eighth floor, amid concerns that politburo members were sneaking out of meetings and sharing information with reporters.

Mugabe Secrets: Ministers Cellphones Taken Away

Source: Zim Eye

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