Where is Grace Mugabe?Grace Mugabe was being lined up as the successor to her husband just before Robert Mugabe was overthrown and taken into house arrest. But where is she now?

It is not clear whether Mugabe will be deposed but the main goal of the generals appears to be stopping his wife Grace from succeeding him.

Grace was being lined up to succeed her 93-year-old husband after her rival, vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, was fired just over a week ago.

There are conflicting reports over the current location of the First Lady who is known for her lavish spending and increasing political influence.

The Zimbabwean army said it took Mugabe and his wife into custody during the coup which it described as a “bloodless transition”.

But according to Sky News sources, Mrs Mugabe has fled across the border to Namibia.

Nick Mangwana, a Zanu-PF representative in the UK, told BBC that he had received reports that First Lady Grace Mugabe is no longer in the country.

Opposition MP Eddie Cross told BBC News that he believes Grace had fled to Namibia and understands that she was allowed to leave the country last night by the army.

Nevertheless there now suggestions that Grace is not in Namibia after all.

According to Namibian newspaper New Era, Namibia’s International Relations Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah has dismissed reports of Grace having fled to Namibia.

Zimbabwean newspaper publisher Trevor Ncube has suggested that Grace actually remains with her husband in Zimbabwe.

He tweeted: “My sources in Zimbabwe confirm Grace Mugabe is still at the ‘Blue Roof’ home in Borrowadale, Harare with President Mugabe.”

Where is Grace Mugabe?

Source: The Express

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