Mnangagwa joins social media, makes plea to ZimbabweansZimbabwe’s new president Emmerson Mnangagwa has told Zimbabweans they shouldn’t fight ahead of the polls this year, making the call from his Twitter account.

Former President Robert Mugabe stayed off social media but in a break with tradition, Mnangagwa has just got his Facebook and Twitter accounts verified.

Mugabe famously didn’t own a smartphone but his successor broadcasting his first video from his Facebook page.

There have been a few complaints about the quality of the video, which shows Mnangagwa on a sofa, quite possibly at home, but broadly there’s been an enthusiastic response.

The new president’s Twitter account was verified Friday and by Sunday it had passed 30,000 followers and was climbing by the hour.

Mnangagwa knows that the support of the country’s youth will be crucial to winning polls this year and is undoubtedly why he’s made this move.

He used one of his first tweets to say that Zimbabweans should not fight each other and to call for justice and national reconciliation.

Mnangagwa joins social media, makes plea to Zimbabweans

Source: EWN

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