Opinion: Does Mugabe know the state of the nation?

This week, several important people drove all the way to Harare from the furthest corners of the country – Kariba, Chiredzi, Mutare, Beitbridge. They all converged in their Ford Rangers, Mercedes Benz E Classes and Range Rovers at Nelson Mandela and Third Street, Parliament Building. In these days of fuel […]

Is Joice Mujuru the right replacement for Mugabe?

Is Joice Mujuru the right replacement for Mugabe?

“You have to feel bad and sorry” for victims of Robert Mugabe’s “secret army”, says Zimbabwe’s former VP, Joice Mujuru. Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, has ruled for more than 36 years. During his long reign, Mugabe’s government has been accused of numerous human rights violations, including the killing of thousands […]

Opinion: Corruption in Zimbabwe

Transparency International issued a briefing this week claiming that corruption is costing Zimbabwe $1 billion a year. I have no doubt that they are right. The question that needs answering is how, where and who is involved. This is not an easy question to answer. Corrupt activities are very difficult […]