Why is Mugabe still in power?

Why is Mugabe still in power?

Zimbabwe’s problem is not Mugabe. Your problem is the opposition. That is because Mugabe is still in power for one reason and one reason only: your opposition leaders are working at a level no higher than school children fighting over sweets. They are not behaving in the adult, responsible way […]

“The problem in Africa is corruption”

The fact that corruption in Africa is both endemic and horrendous cannot be denied. Some highly reputable sources believe ten times more illegal money leaves Africa than the official foreign aid it receives. Whether that is true or not, it is irrelevant because everyone knows that the mass of African […]

The fallacy of political government

The damage left by the ex-colonial powers is devastating. It is not putting it too strongly to say that, to this day, their legacy has been to help keep African citizens in extreme poverty for years longer than was necessary, and it still pervades every aspect of African life. One […]