you’ll continuously expand or transition as you discover niches that interest you. You’ll transcend your weblog to induce new eyeballs on your work, hopefully with a consumer UN agency pays you. But a life coach sounds interesting! l’m working to become a tattoo artist. You forgot plastic surgeons! Plus, I want to rewatch all the videos in the Loan Signing System course to get nice and comfy with all the documents and tips that Mark teaches before going out on my first signing. anesthesiologists take another persons life into their hands when they mix a chemical cocktail to put you out enough to have surgery but not too much to not wake up, not to mention potential law suits and how it would weigh on them morally. I must say most artists around the world do charge a minimum $100 an hour even my brother for an example is a tattoo artist and charges $100 and he’s not on tv don’t have to be on tv to charge $100 or more. This was actually comforting to me. And as far as construction manager, nobody starts out as a construction manager. A cruise ship entertainer can make up to $125 an hour plus free room and board. Remember that shoppers expect you to form their lives easier. But I’ve recently read an article from about 11 jobs that pay six figures a year with out an education. @Chris – Good point on the safety side of things for underwater welders – it would freak me out too much to try myself. It took me a good year to sit on the idea and think about it, but I finally bought the course thinking this could be a good supplement to my spray tan business. The rest goes to taxes, including federal, self-employment (social security), medicare/medicaid. Uber – now operating in most major cities. So having a distinct segment and shaping your audience pays off here. I hate lists like this. ;) Nice, informative article! That Money Crashers article has some of the same faults as this list. I make a big fat $0.00 an hour for my non-existant job. It requires you to talk to people, hustle, schedule appointments with borrowers over the phone and meet with people in person at various locations. This is all American jobs. $100,000 E&O Insurance Policy – (approx $100 through NNA) You’ll need E&O Insurance to protect yourself. But if you rely on sites like mine, you’ll know about the great jobs out there but you’re potentially up against some steep competition when it comes to landing them. The results are a bit surprising. Pay rate is $26.70 per hour. they have an inclination to supply better-paying work, and you’ll work directly with the consumer. BUT – I also work 80+ hours a week including lots of unbilled time doing things that you need to do to run a business that you don’t get paid for. A driven person with the right qualities and abilities can pursue any of these jobs and make $100 per hour. In fact, most loan closings happen in the evenings and on the weekends to accommodate borrower’s schedules. Political Speechwriter – Everyone has heard the prose of a political speechwriter during election season. By writing nice posts for established blogs, you’ll build up your name which drives folks from your target niches to hunt you out. If that isn’t worth a lot of money then I don’t know what is. I see people in the LSS Facebook group making this money and posting pictures of their checks every day, so this is not “pie in the sky” or guesses on how much you can make. Have an acceptable driving record per your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). So this article is a bit misleading. As such, you need great customer service skills as well. Check out this video to find out a way to do keyword analysis for your diary. All of that’s super valuable. but i agree there are alot of jobs on the list that ppl are overpaid. .disclosure { Their area unit many places to seek out freelance blogging opportunities, you simply need to understand wherever to appear. Some are making $2,000 per month, while others are making over $8,000 per month. I understand the intent behind it though– to show us some of the less expected, high-paying jobs. These are production-based pay. That’s right! Still not bad considering most part time jobs pay around $10-$15 per hour, am I right? Will you…, A digital nomad is someone who utilizes technology to earn a paycheck while living and working remotely. It’s not that much but will get better with more experience and it’s the most stress-free job I’ve ever had so I love it! Yeah, no amount of money is worth losing limbs or bodies or anything! You may be surprised at which careers have the most earning potential. I’m in sales and have made well over $1000 an hour. I can easily see a tattoo artist making $100.00 an hour mine cost me $200.00 and took maybe 1 1/2 hrs the guy was so busy i had to book 2 months in advance. But writing wonderful posts isn’t enough. Just search “become a notary in (your state)” to find out how to become one. That compensation may affect how offers are presented, but our editorial opinions are not affected by how or whether we get paid. At, college students, teachers, and industry professionals are encouraged to apply. Some jobs are full time, while others, like freelance photographers and parts models, are only part time gigs. $18.15 per hour paid bi-weekly. If you are feeling intrigued by the idea of becoming a loan signing agent, then I highly recommend you go through the course.