In fact it will cost you many times more in the long run. SBA 8(a) Business Development Program Goals And Requirements. First, you will invest a great deal of your valuable time in the repeated attempts -- much more than if you got expert help to do it correctly and efficiently. Performing thorough reviews of every document and audit of all financial statements to identify and remedy any potential problems. Businesses must demonstrate a high likelihood of success. Alaska Native Corporation / Tribally-Owned Companies – Services, 8(a) Certification Package (Presumed Group Applicants) : $4,600.00, 8(a) Certification Package (Non-Presumed Group Applicants) : $5,900.00, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Participants in the 8(a) program are eligible to receive sole-source contracts. At ez8a, the 8a certification package is truly a one-stop process; we will do everything from beginning to certification. If you are looking for SBA 8a Certification help or a CPA based in Frederick MD, contact us today. In general, successful applicants also meet these requirements: And now if like myself, there is only one question left for you that matters. Additionally, to meet the burden of classification as economically disadvantaged an individual must submit a written account along with financial documentation pertaining to their individual financial situation. *New! In pursuit of this goal, the 8(a) program has established some requirements. Qualifying for the 8 (a) Certification $40 billion in 8 (a) Contracts shared among 6,500 8 (a) Firms. Our company is highly motivated in helping individuals and companies (private and non-profit) become successful in start-ups. The test is a simple yes/no questionnaire to help potential participants to evaluate their firm’s basic requirements for the program. This disadvantage can be due to racial or ethnic differences, physical handicap, gender or long-term residence in environments traditionally disallowed access to mainstream American society. Once ready to submit your application to the 8(a) business program electronic submission is suggested. This cannot be appealed. What Is SBA 8a Certification, What Are the Benefits Of It and Costs A Brief Explanation Of The 8(a) Business Program If you are like me you have heard many things regarding programs offered by the SBA. Doing it yourself will cost you more: You will not save any money by attempting to apply for 8(a) certification on your own. We are able to deeply discount the fees for the additional applications due to paperwork redundancies between programs. Our all-inclusive 8(a) Full Support Package is our most popular service. Apply for and manage your 8(a)Business Development Program and All Small Mentor-Protégé Program certification online from our easy-to-use dashboard. Ez8a also performs 1010C Business Plans, Annual Recertification and assistance with Business Development. These businesses are usually generating $150K+ in revenue and believe that their time is best aligned to business growth and not in learning the necessary bureaucratic details of this application. The course consists of an 8(a) program detailed explanation and an eligibility self-assessment. SBA found that applicant small business firm had not shown the potential to successfully meet the business development objectives of the 8a program. Final assembly of application and; double-checking everything to be sure it meets all SBA guidelines. The business must be eligible for small business classification. Our offices are located in Fairfax County, VA and Montgomery and Frederick Counties, MD. Visit us in McLean Virginia, Frederick or Rockville, An added benefit of this provision is participants are better protected against contract bundling. To assure that participants are on the right track the SBA monitors and assesses the performance of 8(a) firms through: To qualify for the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program a small business must be under the control of an individual that satisfy the SBA definition of disadvantaged persons. Interview and assistance with drafts and edits of the economically disadvantaged and socially disadvantaged (if required) narrative(s); which is (are) a critical part of your application. The federal government's goal is to award at least five percent of all federal contracting dollars to small disadvantaged businesses each year. The program offers this support in numerous ways. Trust me, I have been off and running many times in hot pursuit of the latest magical program for small business owners. To learn more about these packages, please use the hyperlinks to our site content. 8(a) firms are also allowed to collaborate in bidding on contracts. 8a certification application denied. Prior to beginning the application process, firms are encouraged to participate in their online course. Okay. This improves the ability of these firms to acquire and perform larger prime contracts. The limit for businesses providing goods and services is $4 million. * Starting on October 15, 2020 , Certify will no longer support storage of documentation related to self-certification of WOSB status. The 8 (a) Certification acts as a catalyst to make entering the … SBA 8a assistance and review services to reduce 8a certification cost; Disputes about early 8a program graduation; Business ownership and control matters to meet requirements for 8a certification; Appeal for small business 8(a) certification denial to the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals; 8(a) sole source and 8(a) set-aside matters The monetary limit on sole-source contracts that a participant can be granted is $100 million or 5 times the company’s NAICS code value. BFS offers assistance with ongoing small to mid-size business management, consulting, accounting and a variety of tax services.Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, 10 Things Every Frederick Business Owner Should Know, 12 Tax Tips For People Living In Frederick Maryland, Rockville Maryland Name One Of The Best Places To Live, Top 10 Things To Do In Rockville Maryland, 10 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About McLean Va, What is Tysons Corner Mall, How Can It Help Your Business, SBA Clears Up Confusion Over PPP Forgiveness Application Due Date, Unemployment Compensation Is Taxable, Avoid Year-End Surprise, IRS: New Law Helps Taxpayers Who Need Money From IRAs Or Retirement Accounts, Temporary Changes Regarding Charitable Contributions For 2020, Participants must maintain a balance between there commercial and government business. Nesti Materials, BDPE-551 (2015). Businesses must be owned and controlled by disadvantaged individuals who are United States citizens and have displayed good character. This can be assessed by accessing the 8(a) Business Suitability Tool. We are proficient 8a certifcation consultants and we provide professional services on 8a application, HubZone, 8a requirements, 8a program, sba 8a benefits, CCR and 8a for small business. The first four years focuses on business development and is followed by a five year transition period. What is The SBA 8(a) Business Development Program. Among them are: Mentoring, Business counseling, training, financial assistance, and the list goes on. One of our ez8a Partners will be assigned to work with you to share the basic concepts and tools required to sell the federal government. For business participants in the manufacturing sector, this limit is $6 million. Okay. Establish a relationship with your local SBA. The objective is to provide 8(a) participants with the tools to successfully compete in a competitive business environment. We all knew there would be some fine print somewhere so let’s take a look. The 8(a) program also has a Mentor-Protege Program that affords starting companies the opportunity to work with and learn from more experienced 8(a) businesses. Business owners who select this package typically do so because they want subject matter experts to simplify their involvement generating and reviewing the application. Maryland (Washington DC Metro Area), Business & Financial Solutions is a tax and accounting CPA firm. I found that the talk of these programs was not exactly the same as the reality of the SBA’s offerings. Includes Government Marketing Level I, "Foundations to Success". Providing guidance, pre-filling and editing templates, explaining and resolving critical elements. One of my personal favorites is the SBA’s 8(a)Business Development Program. This requirement is often times met by being 2 years old or older in business. 8a Certification Assistance with SDB and 8a Status Affiliation Legal Analysis The Small Business Act recognizes certain members of our society as socially disadvantaged: These individuals are usually among in a group that is generally classified as an ethnic minority in our country. Our applications are formatted in a binder with a table of contents, tabs for every 8(a) application section and all cover letter(s). Any individual not part of these groups can become eligible for the 8(a) program if he or she can show through a “preponderance of evidence” that he or she indeed is socially disadvantaged. Call us at 859-442-1050 for a free consultation! But if choosing to use paper you can contact your SBA district office to request a hard copy of this application. Many of our clients purchase assistance with additional socioeconomic certifications, such as WOSB, HUBZone, SDVOSB, MBE, DBE, WBE, and more such as GSA Schedule, at the time of purchasing our 8(a) Full Support Package. If you don’t already have a strong relationship with your … sba 8a section. I thought you might ask. The program is designed to provide support for entrepreneurs who are socially and economically disadvantaged in their efforts to fight for their slice of the American dream.