the real one will never ask you for anything. ItalianoCriminalità a Accra Ghana has places with internet service. Forever living products (FLP) is an international family of companies that produce and market exclusive health and beauty products throughout the world through its unique concept that encourages and s... - Bloom Medical Center provide pediatric and unmatched 24/7 pediatric emergency care. Usually, these good deals are too good to be true. I have been to Ghana and there is the occasional bribe but the us goverment lies so umm...yeah! It should be noted that not all women are ladies, but all ladies are women. I can't believe Ghana is getting tarnished like this; one of the most accepting and caring nations known for their vibrant and accommodating natures. And just to state, Ghana is the 2nd largest exporter of Cocoa/Cacao from which most chocolates you enjoy comes from. Usually when you refuse to send them money they will stop talking to you. Talk about internet date please it’s a scam no serious intellectual woman will spend her time on internet looking for a man . Krispat Ear Centre (GH.) For further information about crime trends in Ghana, the Ghana Police Service Criminal Investigations Department issues advisories on the Ghana Police Service site.. Avoid political rallies and street demonstrations and maintain situational awareness at all times. Privacy Policy, My bestie got hacked in facebook and she is only 14 years old we was on the phone with him and he sound like 30 or 20 but we talk to him and we are so mad and my bestie her name is ashlen so if you are a man who hacked her facebook account give it back if you see this and now and i mean it and now. I have been talking to a lady in Ghana for awhile now and she wants me to come there and visit her,do I have anything to fear?I have never been out of the U.S. before and I have my concerns about going to a strange country,am I being too paranoid? McSarpong Medical Supplies is a local and international distributor of medical equipment and supplies. To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence. I am looking forward to meeting my future husband in Accra this March. Have a great stay in Ghana and please get a contact. If they bring the documentation for the jewelry will they be ok? Interesting comments I have read so far. Frank, you are so correct,a scam artist could never be a lady in any sense of the word. Plus what are u to judge on someone who loves u and u are talking behind her back when she is being kind, u do not deserve her!????. he said next time he will have police stay with him until he gets on the plane. It is failing to see that Ghana is even safer than being in some parts of the US.