However, the end of her marriage certainly hasn’t stopped her from continuing to live her best life. Please login or sign up with Facebook to leave a comment. It’s the way I feel about it and it’s mine to own. By submitting, you acknoledge that your e-mail will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms. She made some guest appearances as a close friend of Marysol — as she frequently came on to defend her good friends honor against Lea Black. (She is a lawyer!). Go and spread the news that Ana is better than the invention of the wheel. Like many Housewives before her, Larsa Pippen now has a website and blog where she talks about wellness, fashion, and basically anything and everything else that falls under the “lifestyle” category. Ying and Yang. Lisa hasn’t returned to television since leaving the Real Housewives, but her husband Lenny was seen on Kim Zolciak’s spin off series Don’t Be Tardy to give her a makeover, and in May 2014, Lisa changed her Canadian citizenship and officially became an American citizen. A running list of Housewives divorces since the show aired. Ana also took to her Twitter account to fill in fans about what went down! At the end of the final season, Joanna ended up marrying her fiance, Romain Zago, the untrustworthy club owner who didn’t get along with Joanna’s sister, who also appeared briefly on the show. I heard Adrianna dubbed Ana “Ana Cojones” instead of Ana Quincoces after the reunion. She has been vocal about the fact that she would be more than happy to return as a housewife on the Bravo series. Net Worth: $5 million. Tags: RHOM. The 1960s were an era of protests. So there you have one side of things! Roxanne is very thankful to all the readers and commenters who have continued to support the website. There is no comparison and there never ever will be one. However, her social media account shows that she’s still doing well and continuing to live a lavish life! Today, Marysol still runs her own PR firm and is the face of Friends Fun Wine, an alcoholic beverage company. You respect them and you love them in a different manner than you were used to, Timmy. You’re right. Lea seemed to know everything about everyone and was always right. the real housewives of beverly hills blog. Jose Baez. Her blog has won awards for best food content creation, and I recommend not checking it out unless you have a readily available kitchen where you can try the recipes for yourself right away. Lea Black‘s final appearance on Bravo wasn’t during the RHOM reunion. Karent was a memorable member of the Real Housewives of Miami as she spent the entire season figuring out whether her actor boyfriend was cheating on her. (I know the English here is horrible but come on man, I’m writing with my heart and not my head). Roxanne AllAboutTRH. Dancing With The Stars’ Cheryl Burke Calls Out Scoring After AJ McLean Exit, Chelsea Houska Confirms She Is Leaving ‘Teen Mom 2’ After 10 Seasons, Alex Trebek’s Life Remembered With Upcoming ABC News Special, 8 Shocking Ways The Real Housewives' Franchise Has Changed Over The Years, Real Housewives: 15 Husbands Ranked From Worst To Best, 6 Meanest Housewives In Real Housewives History, 10 Real Housewives Who Have Committed Crimes, 9 Things You Didn't Know About The Real Housewives of Dallas, Real Housewives: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets, 14 Boring Real Housewives Who Were Kicked Off The Show, Real Housewives: 8 Weirdest People Who Appeared On The Show. Marysol Patton was on The Real Housewives of Miami for two seasons and during this time it was her mother, Elsa who stole the show. If you don’t I’ll have to spread BBQ sauce all over my……. Her excuse: cockroaches! She joined the cast in the second season after doing a stint on Dancing with the Stars. Cristy Rice didn’t seem to have much of a presence on the show or fit in with her fellow cast mates, which is probably why she only lasted one season. I believe they call them “galas” and “luncheons”. Day and night. Run by enthusiasts of the entire The Real Housewives franchise, this site contains a number of exclusive interviews of cast members. Today, Alexia and her husband Herman are still living in Miami and running Venue Magazine together. We will never be unmarried as I see it. Ana Quincoces went from Bravo to appearing on The Food Network. Inspired by her time spent with them at her favorite place, the beach, she decided to start a swimwear line. However, Ana has taken to trashing the show and referred to season 3 as “unfortunate” and that she was happy to be dropped from the series. Not one to stay still, Ana keeps busy as an author, chef and creator of the food and drink brand Skinny Latina (can we get a collaboration with Bethenny Frankel? Now, Joanna is thrilled to be pregnant with her first child! She’s currently writing a new cookbook, released a “Million Dollar Marinade” cooking sauce and dip, and put her Miami house up on the market. Kids are off limits in all arenas. No, you marry for life, right? Young and old. It was hard, fun, easy, testing….. it was all worth it! Ana's current home is located at Coral Gables, FL. Sneak Peek From The RHOM Reunion: Alexia VS Karent! 147 Comments. After struggling with infertility issues, this former Housewife finally became a mother. This multilingual diva was the biggest hot head on the show during its tenure and was present for all three seasons. You see Timmy, when you have children with someone you don’t go at each other’s throats and hate each other. The art dealer ended off season three marrying her long-time boyfriend Frederic Marq, but not without starting a dispute with her friend Lea Black and causing their friendship to become estranged. ANA QUINCOCES. She continues to be active with her charity work and her husband, Roy serves as one of Justin Bieber’s lawyers! There may have only been three seasons of Real Housewives of Miami, but we’ll never forget this short lived series. 1 | "Write to Roxanne": Attn: Roxanne 3160 Ridgeway Ct. Commerce Twp., MI 48390. From her social media, it seems that she happily spends most of her time with her family. Shame on the viewers for assuming it’s the kid- perhaps it is they who see him that way. No clue of what comes next. 803 Views. Roxanne works on the website on a daily basis in order to bring fans of the show the most exciting and captivating stories of all of their favorite (and not so favorite) reality TV stars. Ana Quincoces, the one-time star of the seemingly-canceled Real Housewives Of Miami, was arrested Sunday night for driving on a suspended a license with knowledge. It’s easy to imagine that Ana Quincoces and Karent Sierra would sign on for Season 4 as well. However, like pretty much every construction project ever, it seems to be taking way longer than expected since Adriana de Moura has been planning this for years. I still am and am truly scarred by the whole thing. Ana Quincoces is a Cuban-American lawyer, a chef and reality star. Can you say injunction? When she began filming the first season for The Real Housewives of Miami the show was called Miami Social Club which explains the cooking parties. Ana does plan to release these files on her web site, however! Since the show has ended, Adriana has been adamant that the show will return. I hope that you all get to see more of who this fascinating person is so that you can learn to appreciate what I did for 23 years and counting (just in a different way). In 2013, she got engaged to fellow lawyer Marc Jimenez. Hi Guys! After her husband’s death, she ran into legal trouble with her stepsons over the estate. Leventhal, for her part, shares adult daughters Veronica and Shoshanna with ex-wife Penny Daniels, according to Us Weekly. Since being on the show, she still owns her boutique and has launched a Cuban Rice bikini line. Lea sought out Jeff and his design company to help decorate her new LA home during the episode. We'll fill you in to the latest gossip and opinions regarding TRH. Now, Ana’s ex-husband Robert, who appeared regularly on the show, is speaking up about what exactly happened between Ana and Lea! AllAboutTRH Exclusive: We Look Into the Controversy Surrounding Teddi Mellencamp’s ‘All-In’ Business, Plus Why It’s Getting So Much Scrutiny! For now, she’s still busy traveling and not fixing her broken website link…, As the owner of Alexia + Frankie’s Beauty Bar, this Miami lady has her hands full running a business. Now, on to the real reason why I have decided to break my silence just now: I made it a point not to interfere or, for that matter, even watch RHOM. Since the show, Joanna Krupa found herself a new man. Her son is now four and she welcomed a daughter in 2019. Marysol Patton‘s mother, Mama Elsa, was as much of a figure on RHOM as she was. Ana, being smart and gathering some ammo, was able to retrieve some tax returns which I assume were incriminating of Lea and her charity gala! 22. July 22, 2019 6:48pm. God, it sounds like I’m Mrs. Doubtfire doesn’t it? Dirt. The former model hasn’t been shy about getting work done, and it’s no wonder when her husband Lenny is a plastic surgeon. Real Housewives of Miami: Where Are They Now. Just wanted to share this amazing news with everyone . In this next paragraph you are named “Timmy”. The All About The Real Housewives website that discusses the latest and greatest news, and gossip relating to The Real Housewives Show. Lisa Hochstein was the envy of many viewers because of her seemingly perfect life and body. That’s it Timmy. Fans were very confused after watching part one of the Real Housewives of Miami season two reunion! Do you think Ana was in the right for sticking up for herself and her daughters?