Choice 2 Mods. Some kids are facing wolves and your mother says let them be. Hippokrates is a little upset if you don’t move quickly, but you are not punished for it. How to Get Clothes & Outfits in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Parties Aren’t My Specialty – Herodotos reminds you why you are here, avoid fighting and get your info. I don’t know but the point is he somehow survived this. Legendary golden items are extremely rare during the first few hours. Perikles Sent Me – This is the same result as telling him you are Phidias Friend. You can suggest he gets clothes if you want, but he won’t listen. He gives you the staff and perishes. Any fixes? Another 350 items can be stored in your character's inventory. After the quest you will have a new ally. If you kill the patient, he will go but he won’t be happy about it. You will present her with the Spear of Leonidas and she will stop before striking you. When you find Dymas, you will have to make a choice. This leads to the next main story mission to find him. It is only an epic weapon so it depends on how you feel. You have to decide if you want to kill him or not. Reader Comments. Back To Korinith With You – If you bring her back to town, she won’t fight you but she isn’t happy about it. Sparta Has Changed – You try to explain to your mother that Sparta has changed since you both were last there. He then asks what if they lie? Don’t Make Duris Pay – If you tell the merchant that double is too much and then spare him from the debt, he will give you a rare sword, Duris’s Sword. You’re Still My Sister – You try to hug your sibling and they say “Don’t Touch Me.” The end result is them leaving. Certain golden items are part of the same set (i.e. Recommended Posts. You Aren’t Leaving – You kill the spy and get the tablet. You'll usually find him diving deep into the latest releases as he attempts to conquer each and every game that crosses his path. There are choices leading up this main one, but they don’t change anything. Want to make sure you’re ready to take on the challenge and be the assassin you know deep down you were born to be? Maybe Your Brother Left Town – The man knows you are lying and says there will be a bounty on your head soon. She mentions something about the cult of the Kosmos before you leave. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Kassandra's 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Outfits, Ranked. Let’s Take Him At The Theater – If you choose the Theater, you side with Anthousa and face Monger in public. Let’s Shake On It – Markos shakes your hand and says a true sign of partners in business. This is after you do the wine and oil missions. Try playing a bit further. First, bring up the game menu and head over to the Inventory tab. Estimated trophy difficulty: 3.5/10; Approximate amount of time to platinum: 60-70 Hours; Offline Trophies: 51 (1, 2, 10, 38); Online Trophies: 0; Number of missable trophies: 1 – Aphrodite’s Embrace (for sleeping with a character, but it’s hard to miss, there are many opportunities for it); Glitched trophies: 7 – See List of Known Bugs and Issues You will disagree and say Sparta is weaker without warriors. I was Spartan – You say you were Spartan once. Now you have to return to Erinna and deal with her. Choice 3 Assassin’s Creed is a media franchise that spawned many popular videogame series and movies. You will get bonus EXP and a +2% warrior damage engraving. The choices about the play writes and Sokrates don’t matter, this is just to give you more info about them. I managed to do it … Make sure you use your fists, do not kill the man if you choose this. I’m His Replacement – The trainer doesn’t really care, he just wants to get to work. Hide On My Ship – He joins your crew as a lieutenant. I Am Responsible – This is the illusion of choice, both answers result in the same thing from Sokrates. Yakuza Like a Dragon: How to Use Photo Mode, Yakuza Like a Dragon: How to Get Kiryu Summon (Spoilers), Yakuza Like a Dragon: How to Fast Travel & Find Fast Travel Points, Xbox Series X/S Launch Is The Largest in Xbox History, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Gets Patch Notes Before Launch, NieR: Automata Getting 9S Play Arts Kai Action Figure in Two Editions, GameStop to Offer Limited PS5 Console Bundles Tonight, Project xCloud Preview Coming to Japan, Australia, Brazil, & Mexico This Month, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: How to Get Clothes & Outfits. You still get her Circlet for the Demigod set and it counts as a Cultist defeated so the tree is done. Assassin's creed odyssey nude mod. Check out our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey choices and consequences guide for help with the hard decisions. If you have the cultist do it, he will think you are a coward but you still get info. This Assassin's Creed: Odyssey mod changes the DiffuseMaps, NormalMaps, WrinkleMaps and BodyPaintMask (to remove dirt, shared texture) of Alexios, making him look younger. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Trophy Roadmap. We Have To Seal This Place – The man is reluctant, but there is only one end to this quest. Anaxagora Is Responsible – Sokrates hopes that you think about your choices from today, and the story progress. You need to get the right wine to get Euripides to open up. This is the nice person outcome for sure. One of the Commanders has a choice option. Then choose Let’s get Euripides drunk, this will help you get the info you need out of him. I Found His Ring – If you give him the ring, he says he won’t forget his father now. I’m Only Here For Information – This ends the same way as the other one, except you don’t party with Allie. You have to choose who the heart is for. Click here. Choice 2 You can't remove legendary items from your inventory by selling or dismantling them. You also get no info from the priest with this option. At the end you have to forgive Phoibe or tell her not to do it again. Drop of the letter to the man’s wife to complete the quest. Sparta Is Corrupt – You will snap at your mother and say that Sparta is corrupt. Check out our Assassin's Creed Odyssey choices and consequences guide for help with the hard decisions. Choice 2 When you meet the kings of Sparta you have a of couple choices to make. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know to change clothes and outfits in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.