(Mine measured out to be heaped 1 cup of chapati flour). Whipping continuously add the icing sugar little by little until you reach stiff peak stage. Texture wise it has soft crumbs but is definitely on the denser side. Healthy Cake or healthy dessert recipes are quite a rage these days. And I also have the perfect answer for your question. I am not surprised to say, this is the best chocolate cake recipe ever. Take a Cake Mold, Pour first plain batter into it. A healthy version of the most loved cake! And if you liked my today's recipe post then definitely let me know by tagging me, tweeting me or instagram me. Mix. Well, if you are looking for some healthy dessert recipes then this Whole Wheat and Jaggery Cake is all you need. The other day my husband went with his colleagues for lunch which means his dabba got back home. Hai!! So glad to learn that you liked the recipe. I have already shared how to make rava cake in cooker. Transfer it to a bowl. I first saw this whole wheat cake here on Youtube. Your email address will not be published. And since I had added cardamom and saffron for flavouring this cake was a real festive treat. Slightly flavored with cinnamon, this cake is lightly sweetened and is great for snacking or breakfast. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Cream the curd and grated jaggery until all the jaggery is dissolved and everything is combined well. I often run out of patience to frost and decorate a cake. Add oil in Atta flour and icing sugar bowl. Your email address will not be published. This way the oil would completely emulsify with the curd mixture. Thank you for sharing your views. Try to use those cream. This cake already is so moist that you do not need sugar syrup moreover since its a soft cake and if you are planning to layer it up; I am guessing that it won't be able to hold the additional weight of syrup. Why didn't you add sugar syrup to your layers? (I would also recommend you guys to grate the jaggery finely as smaller the pieces quicker it would combine with the curd). Atta Cake is one of those easy healthy cake recipe idea that you can adapt to either making a tea time cake or turn it into a full-fledged birthday cake or just serve it as healthy desserts with some cream on side. Well, that gave me the best opportunity to try this Eggless Atta Cake. I have never used jaggery in that form for any of my recipes so won't be able to share an exact solution to your query.. sorry about that . Heat the pressure cooker for 5 minutes in medium flame without whistle and rubber. Can I bake it into a tea time loaf cake or how to change it to a breakfast cake recipe? Is there anyway i can keep my cream stiff / which gets hold for longer time? Add vanilla flavor and mix it very well without any lumps. Crumb coat with the remaining cream. Great recipe for Sooji Atta Cake (Whole Wheat Rava Cake) Pressure Cooker Recipe Vanilla Rava Cake. It stayed soft and moist for 3 days in my refrigerator. Yes you can use 1.5 cups of flour instead.. some disadvantages of being a Food Blogger... . I would recommend adding 1 cup of Grated Jaggery in place of 3/4 cup mentioned in the recipe. And place the cake layer on top. This is a forgiving recipe you can absolutely bake it in any medium. Be it a birthday party or an anniversary party; a large number of people prefer a chocolate cake. Read more, Eggless Leftover Chapati Cake | Eggless Atta Cake. Atta Cake is one of those easy healthy cake recipe idea that you can adapt to either making a tea time cake or turn it into a full-fledged birthday cake or just serve it as healthy desserts with some cream on side. Once the Atta Cake cools completely divide it into 2. I am so glad to learn that this recipe worked out fine for you and you and your family enjoyed it.. Now take a big size pressure cooker and add 3 cups sand in it. Check it with a stick after 35 mins wheatear if cooked well or not. We all have our very own favourite chocolate cake recipe right!! No refined sugar. Mix it well and filter it through a fine strainer for no lumps in batter. Well I won't get into the details of why jaggery is a healthy alternative instead you can check it from here. Let it chill in the refrigerator for 15 mins. You can follow the exact steps for this cake. instead of APF that is maida B. Hi loved the cake just a question when i make icing my icing tries to split and there are holes that develop onto it and it got little watery too btw i used heavy cream. I choose to go for the naked cake look but you can frost the cake completely as per your needs. Copyright ©2016 all images, text and content by. https://spicesnflavors.com/stabilized-whipped-cream/, Eggless Chocolate Tres Leches Cake (Milk Cake), The Best Eggless Mango Cake recipe in 3 steps, 23 Indian Sweets under 30 mins to try this Holiday season, Milk Powder Burfi - Diwali special Indian sweet, How to make Pita Bread at home like a Pro, Chocolate Diya Peda | Diwali special Indian sweet. Yes this easy Eggless Atta Cake aka Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake made using a secret ingredient is perfect as a breakfast loaf or slash some whipped cream and choco chips and turn it into a healthy birthday cake recipe. Usually, end up having half the cake myself.. And then I adapted this idea to come with a healthy whole wheat cake recipe for you guys. Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake / Eggless Atta Chocolate Cake – Now eat chocolate cake without worrying about unhealthy ingredients. But its one moist cake you guys, all thanks to the oil. Probably the right term here would be healthier and that is because: A. Yes, in place of yogurt you can definitely use 2 eggs. The maximum you can go for is 2 or 3 layers. Thank you so much , Your email address will not be published. It took me 36 mins to bake this cake. It is made of sooji which is also known as rava, semolina with the whole wheat flour, milk, and curd. The main reason why do we do this in making any regular cake be it a easy sponge cake recipe or any regular vanilla or chocolate cake is to avoid over-mixing of the batter. With the changing mindset and the idea of sticking to a healthy lifestyle, people are growing a little more conscious about the calories that they are consuming each day. Thank you!! Myself Rajni Chakra I am a web developer in profession but a foodie who loves to travel and taste new different style of dishes in restaurants and street foods. Now place a stand in the middle of the pressure cooker on the sand. Now take a big size pressure cooker and add 3 cups sand in it. Like this recipe? Add green food color one of the batter bowl and add orange color in another bowl. Coming to the texture and flavour of this Eggless Atta Cake: It is definitely chocolaty in taste and you won't miss the sweetness too. Your email address will not be published. ... Eggless Marble Cake. Before preparing triranga marble cake batter we have to make ready the pressure cooker for pre heat. Overwhelmed and don't know where to start from let me guide you in this journey of HOME BAKING!!! This cake made using leftover chapati, yogurt, oil without butter is perfect for your girls parties or Christmas or simple healthy desserts ideas. Take the whipping cream and the kesar essence in a bowl. Secondly reduce the amount of oil to 1/3 cup instead of 1/2 cup. Then add green color mixed batter on top of the first layer. One of the most loved cake all around the world is chocolate cake. Switch of the flame. Repeat same process to create 5-6 layers. Thanks a ton for sharing your wonderful feedback with us.. really appreciate it.. made me smile, sounds great glenda.. do share your feedback with us if you happen to try.. Add it to a blender jar and using the pulse mode function just grind them to a coarse powder. Can I use wheat flour 1 nd 1/2 cup instead of 1 cup chapati grinded nd 1/2 cup flour?? Required fields are marked *, Baking for Passion and Baker by Profession, Hi, I am Sushma Iyer, a certified Career Baker. Coming to your query I think tropolite and Rich are the two top-selling brands for cream in India. I will see you soon with yet another recipe. Time to combine them together. Notes: 1. After 2 mins stir the mixture to dissolve the chocolate completely. Like I mentioned since this cake is not at all sweet. Why not PIN IT and share it with others, Vegan Marbled Chocolate Banana Cake | Vegan Whole Wheat Chocolate Banana Marble Cake, Vegan Mango Muffins | Eggless Mango muffins, Vegan Coconut Cake (Egg Free & Dairy Free Coconut Cake), Corn and Cheese Bread Cups (Evening Snacks With Bread), Eggless dark chocolate cake recipe (With Step by Step Photos). Why do we have to alternate between the dry ingredients and milk while making this Eggless Atta Cake? Add the hot cream on top of the chocolate chips. Only the addition of cream and ganache makes the cake a perfect healthy birthday cake recipe. Atta Cake aka whole wheat chocolate cake made using leftover chapatis or leftover roti - Are you kidding me?? Republic Day Recipe-triranga Marble Atta Cake Recipe in pressure cooker. Now our wet and dry ingredients are ready. 2. Add some whipped cream and spread it out evenly. Heat the pressure cooker for 5 minutes in medium flame without whistle and rubber. Required fields are marked *.