What gives Alexios a narrow advantage is that he has faced superhuman or supernatural opponents on a much more regular basis and in general finds himself in combat a lot more, often fighting in large scale battles for either the Spartans on the Athenians. “It seems that we’re more alike than I first thought,” Bayek replies. Powerful knowledge.In the wrong hands, its secrets could bring about the downfall of humanity.We cannot allow others to discover this place. if you play as Kassandra do the characters acknowledge as a woman? “Indeed, we are. He scans the floor to make sure there are no snakes about, until the narrow corridor opens out into a large room. Alexios has never been a protagonist in my game (and judging from videos, he is suited better for another role). © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. They're both equally important. Anything less than 5 lines but which is competently argued and thought out will be counted as a half vote. This, however, was only the beginning of his quest for revenge, a quest which would take him all across Egypt, helping and protecting those who needed it along the way. Swinging it around in an arc it misses Alexios completely but Bayek turns the failed attack into a second swing, catching the spartan off guard as he moves in to take advantage of the mistake. He does however have the superhuman durability and strength because that is a default from the get go, not something that is given to him via upgrades. The main difference between the two was the superhuman physicality given to Alexios by the Spear of Leonidas which allowed him to both deal and receive more damage than Bayek and when coupled with his more protective armour, made him just too tough for Bayek to handle. :3. However Alexios' training only lasted until he was about 7 and after that he spent his time working for Markos whereas Bayek was trained continuously from childhood to adulthood. “And you my friend did admirably,” Alexios says producing a scrap of meat to feed to the eagle “Almost as well as the first Ikaros.”. But what makes you think that you should be the one to possess it?”, “Because I know the destruction and damage these things can cause. I haven't played this game and the others in a while, so I don't even know who Kassandra is. Raising the mace high above his head, Bayek swings it downwards onto Alexios sending him crashing to the floor. Both Bayek and Alexios will have their eagle companions Senu and Ikaros to aid them in battle. Huh? As Bayek bends down to pick up the Apple, Alexios comes running out of the temple. Travelling all across their homelands and combating powerful but hidden foes secretly controlling things behind the scenes both these two have proved themselves time and again in both the field of battle and in the art of assassination. Bayek has even fought against people wielding Isu technology like Flavius, taken on War Elephants singlehandedly and fought against the spirits of dead pharaohs all of whom had a variety of supernatural abilities and physicality. The Egyptian blocks it with his shield but the attack was merely a distraction for Alexios to swing his sword and this connects, slicing into Bayek’s arm. In 2017, Ubisoft decided to rework the Assassin’s Creed Franchise, putting a greater focus on RPG elements and a more open world experience. He just doesn’t feel like your own character, cause that’s what makes an RPG. alexios is a character that was created by horny female programmers. Why would I want the -50% All Resistances engraving. Better main character of the new AC games: Bayek vs Alexios. Bayek holds the flaming torch aloft, lighting up the area in front of him. He brings the mace down on the shaft, snapping it like a twig and leaving Alexios clutching half a shaft. He then mounts and leads the camel away, to drop his fallen opponent off at the nearest settlement so he can recover. “I could tell you were a noble man. Kassandra vs Bayek now thats a fight krono069 (Topic Creator) 1 year ago #4 They can scout the area, mark out targets and act as a distraction by attacking an opponent. Battle takes place after the events of Curse of the Pharaohs for Bayek and after a Fresh Start for Alexios. I'm just going to ask where they're going and hook up with them later. Alexios: The Eagle Bearing Misthios, travelling across the Greek World to discover the secrets of his family. Alexios also has a lot of combat experience, having fought all across the Greek world as a Misthios which ranged from fighting against unskilled bandits, to trained Athenian and Spartan soldiers, other powerful mercenaries looking for the bounty on his head, the warriors and guards of the Cult of Kosmos and dozens of supernatural creatures such as Cyclops and Minotaur. However, I could not take the risk.” Ikaros floats down and perches on a nearby branch, having seen of Senu. Groaning in pain, Alexios looks up as Bayek goes for another blow, this time hoping to crush his skull with the mace. He can feel his injured arm getting more and more sluggish and knows he cannot keep this up for much longer. Bayek swipes at the bird with his shield arm but this only serves to anger the creature and it starts pecking and scratching at him. Coming back to his feet he jabs the spear at Bayek who leaps back to avoid being hit by the tip. Help! Both these men were trained from a young age to be warriors with Bayek being trained by his father to be a Medjay and Alexios being taught by Nikolaos to be a Spartan warrior. if you play as Kassandra do the characters acknowledge as a woman? This is what they wish they had every night. “I’ve been known by many names during my time,” the man says. He gasps, exhaling all the air from his body and Alexios yanks the blade out, blood gushing out and splattering on the desert sands. Alexios has never been a protagonist in my game (and judging from videos, he is suited better for another role). As it tugs at him, the Apple of Eden becomes dislodged and falls to the ground. Alexios feels bland to me. I will inform anybody if their vote is considered a half vote and allow them to amend it to bring it up to a full point. Is the incel army back on gameFAQs? However, I still cannot let you have the artefact.”. Bayek quickly notches and fires another arrow and Alexios ducks under it, sliding across the floor and drawing his spear as he does. Alexios meanwhile never really evolves from a warrior to an assassin and while he can and does make use of stealth it's nearly always secondary to just going into a fight head on. Born to Myrrine and Nikolaos of Sparta, he was descended from Leonidas I on his mother's side and as such was expected to be a great warrior from a young age. “I see Ikaros was able to stop you in time” he says. Alexios does not let him recover for long though and rushes at him, swinging his sword and spear head in a whirling attack. Clasping the spear further up the shaft he jabs at his fallen opponent who scrambles away desperately. In the middle of the room sits a stone altar and perched in that is the Appel of Eden. I reserve the right to award a vote as half or discount it entirely for reason not mentioned here if I feel it is applicable. As mentioned in the Iconic section for Alexios he does not have any of the supernatural powers that can be brought using skill points as these are picked by the player and are not required to complete the story in anyway. While distracted by the arrival of the Pharaoh, Khemu freed Bayek who attempted to take down the men but in an attempt to stab one of the members the knife was deflected and tragically stabbed his son through the chest. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. He manages to block a few of the jabs with his shield but not all and he gets stabbed a couple of times in the torso. This time when the jab attack comes in he deflects rather than simply blocking and diverts the spear head to the side. He aims it at the person who has appeared, a man with long hair and a beard, who appears to be dressed in Spartan armour. Bayek and Alexios are both warriors first and assassins second, so they aren't as inclined towards or reliant on stealth as other Assassin's Creed protagonists are. Help! Alexios was decent but he cannot compare to Bayek. As the bird gobbles the food down hungrily, Alexios hoists Bayek over his shoulder and carries him over to where his camel is stood, still grazing and uninterested in the fight that had just happened. He then slams a fist into Bayek’s face, knocking him out cold and leaving him sprawled on the ground. “Keeping the Apple of Eden safe is the most important thing here,” he says to himself, almost sounding convincing. Bayek is at the peak of human physicality due to his training as a Medjay, able to scale large structures and mountains and fight through large numbers of enemies without tiring. But when the pair meet in the ruins of an Egyptian temple, only one of them will be walking away to continue their search for truth. 2020 Games: Cyberpunk 2077, Resident Evil 3 Remake, Last Of Us 2, Avengers, Halo Infinite, NioH 2, Tales Of Arise, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Ghost Of Tsushima etc. Without either of them, Assassins would not exist as an organized entity to this day. This allows him to overpower opponents much physically larger and more muscular than himself and take powerful blows from creatures such as Cyclops but he still can be hurt and killed by normal weaponry. Backing up, Bayek considers his options. He then sweeps the spear across the floor, taking Bayek’s legs out from underneath him and sending him clattering to the floor. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. He raises his eyebrow in surprise at Bayek’s reaction. He then slams the khopesh into his side, the bronze sword clattering off the cuirass but the force still knocks him aside. As Alexios overextends slightly Bayek gets his opportunity and smashes his shield into his face, rocking the Greek’s head back. I am a feather in the eagle's wing, a living dagger plunged from the sky into the heart of chaos. Grimacing in pain, Bayek releases his grip on the mace, checking his arm to see the severity of the injury. Bayek does not know who this temple was supposed to be dedicated to but it has been long since abandoned. While he cannot be sure, Bayek suspects this is where he decided to hide the Apple of Eden and if that is true, then he must retrieve it and store it somewhere more secure. He blocks a stab from the spear head with his shield and just about manages to react to a sword swing, which clatters against his khopesh. “But my original name is Alexios.”, “I’m here for the same reason that you are it would seems, to find the Isu artefact that has been rumoured to be in this temple.”, “Well sorry to disappoint you Alexios but I cannot allow the artefact to fall into the wrong hands.”, Alexios smiles wryly. He catches a flash of metal in the corner of his eye and Bayek leaps from above, hidden blade bared and aiming for his throat. While I preferred Odyssey over Origins in terms of gameplay, combat, exploration, and world environment, I liked Bayek as a protagonist more. Alexios grabs his arm as it comes down, stopping the blade before it can connect and stabs the Spear of Leonidas upwards, right into Bayek’s unprotected stomach. As the men were all masked and went by code names it took Bayek over a year of searching before he managed to track down one of the members, Rudjek, who he assassinated at the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu. In today’s battle we’re pitting the two protagonists of the two rebooted titles together to see who the superior assassin is. With that being said Bayek and becomes more and more stealth conscious as he continues on his journey, eventually founding the Hidden One's whose whole point is striking from the shadows and staying out of public knowledge.