60 Scottish Women Prove That They Can Be Very HOT! Beatrice married Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor on June 9 1156, at age 13. January 22 » Space Shuttle program: the space shuttle Discovery launches on STS-42 carrying Dr. Roberta Bondar, who becomes the first Canadian woman and the first neurologist in space. Friedrich I Barbarossa of the Holy Roman Empire (1122-1190), Sophie of the Holy Roman Empire (c1161-1187), Beatrix of the Holy Roman Empire (c1161-bef1174), Friedrich of the Holy Roman Empire (1164-c1169), Heinrich VI of the Holy Roman Empire (1165-1197), Gisela of the Holy Roman Empire (1168-1184), Rainald of the Holy Roman Empire (1173-? Robert and Beatrice were the parents of the following 2 known children: Emma of France (894–935), married to Rudolph, Duke of Burgundy and Hugh the Great,(898-) who was later dux Francorum. She was also countess of Dreux by marriage to Robert IV of Dreux, Count of Dreux.She was the ancestor of the Dukes of Brittany from the House of Montfort-Dreux which derived its name from her title. She is married to Friedrich I "Barbarossa" von Hohenstaufen. Do you have supplementary information, corrections or questions with regards to Beatrice "Countess of Burgundy" de Borgoña?The author of this publication would love to hear from you! He was the fourth son of Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor, by his second wife Beatrice I, Countess of Burgundy, daughter of Count Renaud III. The temperature on July 30, 1992 was between 11.2 °C and 26.3 °C and averaged 19.3 °C. Top 100 Beautiful Blue Eyed Blonde Haired Actresses & Celebs, Hottest Women to Heat Up the Winter Olympic, Where Is Beatrice I Countess Of Burgundy Now, Is Beatrice I Countess Of Burgundy Married, Is Beatrice I Countess Of Burgundy Dating, Are Beatrice I Countess Of Burgundy Hairstyles Short Better Or Medium. new! Through her marriage to Robert I, she was an ancestress of the Capetian dynasty. Type the first letters of the first or last name (at least 3 letters) in the input field. Copyright protected work may not simply be copied or republished. Baptized (at 8 years of age or later) by the priesthood authority of the LDS church.. Attention: Age at marriage (June 16, 1156) below 16 years (13). (Beatrice De MACON) Beatrice /MACON/, Beatrice /Macon/ Born in 953 - Mâcon, Ain, Rhône-Alpes, France; Deceased - Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France Parents. In The Netherlands , there was from Tuesday, November 7, 1989 to Monday, August 22, 1994 the cabinet. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive the monthly, free Genealogy Online newsletter (in English) with new pedigrees and news and tips on the largest genealogy website in the Netherlands and Belgium. on, She is buried on November 15, 1184 in Kathedral, Speyer. Her maternal grandparents were Simon I, Duke of Lorraine and his wife Adelaide of Leuven. October 2 » Military police storm the Carandiru Penitentiary in São Paulo, Brazil during a prison riot. Friedrich I "Barbarossa" von Hohenstaufen± 1122-1190. Scroll down and check out her short and medium hairstyles. Never be ashamed of having a crush on Beatrice I Countess Of Burgundy, Frederick I (Barbarossa), Holy Roman Emperor, married Beatrice I, Countess of Burgundy, on 9 June 1156, Celebrity's Creative Halloween Costume Ideas, Famous Ukrainian Beauties Might Influence In The Ukrainian Political Crisis, Top 100 Most Beautiful Red Haired Actresses & Celebs, Top 30 Hottest Cuban Models & Celebs [HD Photos]. Otto I (between 1167 and 1171 – 13 January 1200) was Count of Burgundy from 1190 to his death and briefly Count of Luxembourg from 1196 to 1197. Alternative: Baptized (at 8 years of age or later) by the priesthood authority of the LDS church. Béatrice I Ivrea de Bourgogne, Countess regnant of Burgundy, was born circa1145 to Renaud III de Bourgogne (c1093-1148) and Agathe de Lorraine (c1123-c1170) and died 1184 of unspecified causes. search for your ancestors and publish your family tree, Beatrice "Countess of Burgundy" de Borgoña (1143-1184), https://www.genealogieonline.nl/maximum-test/I6000000000125308523.php, A genealogical internet service provided by, Friedrich I "Barbarossa" von Hohenstaufen, http://genealogics.org/getperson.php?personID=I00013543&tree=LEO, http://www.friesian.com/lorraine.htm#franchecomte, https://books.google.fi/books?id=H5jPqbFL81wC&pg=PA126&lpg=PA126&dq=Ottone+I+Guglielmo+di+Borgogna&source=bl&ots=dfSg_ld2Io&sig=J9B1d-4irX5MLfgRmlaIKe1cc44&hl=fi&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjY8orLjMjPAhWKBSwKHdjGALMQ6AEIdDAJ#v=onepage&q=Ottone%20I%20Guglielmo%20di%20Borgogna&f=false. January 20 » Air Inter Flight 148, an Airbus A320-111, crashes into a mountain near Strasbourg, France killing 87 of the 96 people on board. Do not use this data until you have checked it, preferably at the source (the archives). Beatrice I, Countess of Burgundy was born in 1143, in Burgundy, to Renaud III, Count of Burgundy and Agatha of Lorraine. The author of this publication would love to hear from you! Although data is often retrieved from public archives, the searching, interpreting, collecting, selecting and sorting of the data results in a unique product. ), Agnes of the Holy Roman Empire (c1179-1184), https://familypedia.wikia.org/wiki/B%C3%A9atrice_I_de_Bourgogne_(1145-1184)?oldid=803897. You'll be redirected to Paypal to finish the transaction. The average windspeed was 2 Bft (weak wind) and was prevailing from the north. Genealogical publications are copyright protected. Beatrice de Montfort, Countess of Montfort-l'Amaury (c. December 1248/1249 – 9 March 1312) was a ruling sovereign countess of Montfort from 1249 until 1312. The Netherlands had about 15.1 million citizens. Now click on the desired name to select the person. They had 5 sons: Henry Vi Holy Roman Emperor, Conrad II Duke of Swabia, Otto I Count of Burgundy, Frederick V Duke of Swabia and Philip of Swabia. This functionality is only available in Javascript supporting browsers. Beatrice of Burgundy (1143 - November 15, 1184) Beatrice was the only daughter of Renaud III, Count of Burgundy and Agatha of Lorraine. 1. 2 Ways to Vote her Up! January 6 » President of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia flees the country as a result of the military coup. Hit the "Tweet" button at the top ↑ 2. February 29 » First day of Bosnia and Herzegovina independence referendum. There was 8.6 hours of sunshine (55%). A genealogical internet service provided by Coret Genealogy. Tell us "why you have a crush on her" Refresh this page to see the "Crushers" increase after you "Like" or vote. Alternative: She was christened in France. Beatrice I Countess Of Burgundy is straight. A list of names from the publication appears. 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