Ninety five percent of the people who I wait on are real nice. i have been a waitress for 44 years at the same resturant. When I think about life changing experiences, what usually comes to mind is a 3 month vacation to Thailand to find myself, working for Peace Corps for a year or making a drastic change to the way I live. If you’re afraid to get your hands a little dirty or roll up your sleeves to help, the staff may not respect you. Not to say you shouldn’t be friendly. Waitresses have it even worse because they, unfortunately, have to deal with getting hit on at best and sexual harassment at worst. This is up for the parents to decide, unless the order clearly violates the law, such as serving a child alcohol. This article received 23 testimonials and 96% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This is good because you can focus on the job and learning without worrying about the staff you already know or will come to know. ", "Getting to know to be a good waitress and interact with customers helps. At what type of establishments besides late night clubs do waitresses make the most money? Why does my gm keep the drama queens there and lose out on good people who don’t cause drama? This lowers the temperature of the drink, which some customers don't appreciate. ", "Thank you for all this helpful information.". Be a team player. If you personally disapprove of someone's choice, don't say anything. Yup! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Know what you can and can’t do. One day my hands were hurting so bad my hips hurt my legs hurt. Suggest their use when a customer requests a mixed drink. For tips on successfully interacting with your customers, read on! But you shouldn't lie to your adult customers, because they'll just be angry if they find out. Remember any future or current servers, it is just a job and it doesn’t have to be your life. Is your credit score working for you or against you? The Weird Shit People Say To Waitresses; The Weird Shit People Say To Waitresses; The Weird Shit People Say To Waitresses; THE WEIRDEST ORDERS WAITERS HAVE EVER GOTTEN, ACCORDING TO REDDIT; These Servers Tell Thier Restaurant Horror Stories; Things I’ve Learned From Being A Waitress; Video.. Really great for a first time waiter eager to learn. Are you willing to go above and beyond for customers. Present the option to the customer politely, and don't try to pass off an upgrade as though it were free. I will avoid this server in the future. Don't talk or gossip about customers even when you think they can't hear you. If you’re becoming manager at the same restaurant you were a server, you may have a lot of people talking back to you once you do start to point out things they should or should not be doing. Not necessarily! As a lover of people watching, waitressing enabled me to people watch up close and personal. Shots in my spine. Be sure to write down your orders immediately and make notes if you need to! ", "The instructions were very clear and easy to understand. In one year I learned how to prioritize, speak to different people, control my temper and stand on my feet for 8 hours a day. Not quite! If you can't accommodate the request, simply say so and suggest a similar alternative that the customer can eat. Do your job, then leave the customer to eat or talk in relative privacy. Most waiters who are supposed to open wine are expected to do so in front of the customers who ordered it. Are you willing to give up your weekends? How does a waitress remember what food goes to what table? So, no matter which attitude you’re starting out with, it’s important to consider a few things before getting to the Pros and Cons of being a restaurant server. Why are female waitresses so hard for me to get along with? Familiarize yourself with every item on the menu so you can make suggestions and field questions from your customers. I have cut down to 3 days a week. Nice! I honestly couldn’t tell you how awful my experience was. Just make sure you express yourself in the right way to avoid making yourself or your restaurant look bad. Get our newsletter every Friday! The Pros and Cons of Being a Waiter / Waitress, 9 Tips for a Waiter/Waitress In Training | The Waitress Confessions, 8 Tips on How to Train a New Waiter/Waitress | The Waitress Confessions, The Pros and Cons of Being a Waiter / Waitress | thatrestaurantlife, Secret life of a waitress – dots' journalism blog, The Pros and Cons of Being a Waiter / Waitress, Reserve Responsibly: The Do's and Don'ts of Reserving a Table at a Restaurant, 8 Tips on How to Train a New Waiter/Waitress, Dining Etiquette: How to Get Your Waiter's Attention, What to Get a Waiter/Waitress for Christmas, Dear Waitress Confessions : Applying for a Job as a Waitress Without Experience. It was a very difficult in the beginning to find a way to channel this rage, especially during peak hours. Subtle, unobtrusive makeup can really brighten up your face without making you look obviously "made up." Ask a lot of questions. Multitask by introducing yourself as you pass out the menus and check that every customer has enough silverware and napkins. Studies of U.S. restaurants show that women who touch a customer lightly on the shoulder, hand, or arm receive better tips from that customer on average. I could feel myself muttering under my breath and avoiding eye contact with certain people. Or is it just that I am so much older. ", "It was really educational. When I think about life changing experiences, what usually comes to mind is a 3 month vacation to Thailand to find myself, working for Peace Corps for a year or making a drastic change to the way I live. So achy deep inside of them. It was really a great article team. Similarly, try not to smoke before work or during your break, as it can leave an obnoxious smell. At high-end restaurants, servers can make well into the six-figures yearly including tips. Smile. Read on for another quiz question. I know there is always so much talk in the restaurant business, but you never want to turn your staff against each other. I got learn not only about others around me but also about myself and how I can make small changes to go in the right direction and better myself. It's also a good idea to prepare yourself for common on-the-job scenarios, learn how to improve customer interactions for better tips, and familiarize yourself with any rules or customs specific to the restaurant you work at. I’m in that situation as we speak. I started out working six days a week for eleven years. ( Log Out /  This past week 7 other servers quit,I’m the last one from my training group who is still there and I only been there less than a month. If you work at a big name restaurant they may train you at another location. Give them a specific time estimate if they ask how long the food will take, whenever possible. Over time that will change. Try again... Nope! ", serving my guest. That kind of stuff just doesn’t normally happen to guys. Pass on your knowledge of waiting times to the customer. I once had a waitress do that to me and complain in my face that she would need to pay for the food she made a mistake on, and it was not pleasant. To be a good waitress, never say the costumer was wrong. customers who genuinely wanted to speak with me. It happened to friends who took me to my favorite restaurant, while I was in the restroom. Any thoughts on one who moves from waiter to manager the skill set differs entirely and it seems as the better waiters don’t always make good managers even if the know the job inside and out..and how would the best way be to teach or learn that skill set needed. This does not mean you should question your job. The are drama queens, worry about what your doing and not worry about themselves, talk down to you in front of customers and coworkers, act like innocent victims when you defend yourself, snitches, they form clicks of other drama queens while brown nosing the gm they push to fire people they don’t like,demands respect but shows none,if your avoiding them they come to you starting shit,they are always negative and always trying to find something to grip and bitch about but never ever say anything positive or something to inspire you to want to go the extra mile, etc…. You may unsubscribe at any time. I used to do this in almost every situation that presented itself. I personally love it, thank you very much. "What time do I get off?" It had booths in the front. Maybe you can practice with a friend, family member, etc. That way you won't ask unnecessary questions but you can double check orders that have common allergens. In front of young kids, after a parent has objected, you may be able to smooth the argument away by saying "Sorry, we're all out of soda, can I get you something else?". Customers eating in the evening may enjoy more energetic music, but this varies greatly depending on the atmosphere of the establishment. I am simi-retired. Tables are usually numbered, so when you take the customer's order, you write down/tap in the table number. Take both sides into consideration when opting to serve tables and be ready for the best…and the worst. Ask the customer whether they have dined at your restaurant before -- that way if they are new, first-time customers you can welcome them and offer your help with the menu. Never ask the customer if they need change. Waitressing forced me to come to terms with my anger. The money is good in the moment, but the job is absolutely soul sucking. I left had surgery for carpel tunnel. Should I ask if anyone has allergies before they order? For tips on successfully interacting with your customers, read on! I know it would have been worse working for a corporate company. to do. Remain polite and respectful when discussing them in case they are in earshot. You may not be able to follow this rule in regions outside the United States, where serving water is less common or comes with a price tag. I was also a runner and I played a lot of tennis. But a majority of the people who happened to be rude were going through something monumental in their life that was tearing them apart. There is no respect in this industry, the good things that happened while I was a server were so few and far in-between in the end it just was not worth it at all.