The CKRT Folts Bowie Neck Knife is discrete, easy to handle and packs a decent punch in a tight spot.Check On BladeHQ, The Zero Tolerance Hinderer is incredibly sharp and beautifully balanced allowing for exceptional control at close quarters. These criminals tend to look for easy targets that are soft and won’t fight back. Because of its simple and small design it might be difficult for some wielders with large hands to really get a grip on this knife safely, but for the rest of us its a discrete and perfect knife for self-defense. It’s lightweight and slim, just the design you want for stowing the blade somewhere safe and discrete. A reliable brand of knives with an inviting price point, Kershaw tends to combine solid performance with a durable, quality product. I love the thumb stud on this blade; I’ve handled them before and am always impressed with the responsiveness of the opening action. I especially like the groove on the back of the blade for your thumb; this knife stays in your hand and you’ll have no worry of losing it. No matter who started what, the fact that you chose to stab and slash your way out of a scenario makes you guilty of a litany of crimes. In my country (South Africa) the law is no different. © 2020. Primal Survivor™,,, Dull Survival Knife? I would recommend only using a knife as a last resort and ONLY if you know how to use the knife, if you don’t there are plenty of places that can train you go to them. SHARPEN IT LIKE YOU LOVE IT, USE IT LIKE YOU HATE IT, Best Blade Length for Self Defense; And What Do You Carry For This Purpose, Re: Best Blade Length for Self Defense; And What Do You Carry For This Purpose, ... &utm_term=, I’ve read numerous posts on other forums regarding the proper blade length for a self defense knife. Fixed-blade knives are more difficult to conceal but tend to be stronger than their folding-blade counterparts. Brandishing a knife with the intent of going down slashing and stabbing is not an easy target. The review is here – It’s a bit odd to the grip, but that’s not a bad thing. Opening the blade is a breeze and it closes with equal ease and precision. The predators of today tend to walk around on two legs but are just as vicious as the wolves of our past, and to this day we owe our survival to strong steel sharpened to a razor’s edge. I still bear the scars of the attack, as would the person that attacked me..and they also got a tax payer funded trip to boot. The purpose of a self defense weapon isn't to "take down" a "bad guy". In short you want to consider a few basic ideas for your knife selection. It’s a knife for the no-nonsense and straight-forward minded buyer. This knife is one of those great products that seems to shine at every use. Check the full review of the LMF 2. We’ve broken our reviews down into fixed and folding blade sections, check each out and consider what we’ve talked about above. I kinda stick with the mentality that anything on my purpose is for self defense if necessary, so while I don't deliberately carry a SD knife or a knife specifically for SD, if it came down to it and my life were really in danger then whatever I'm carrying will get the job done. Overall Length: 10.59″ | Blade Length: 4.84” | Weight:11.55oz | Made In: USA. I started this thread. If you have to ask, you should be taking a different approach. The quality of Gerber can be suspect from time to time, but there are a few gems out there in their lineup (like the aforementioned LMF 2). In the event you’re targeted by a mugger looking for easy cash, removing your knife and preparing for war can be enough to send most opportunist attackers on the run. What ever you pick, it won't do you any good if you left it at home because it was too big and you didn't feel like carrying it while you were doing x, y or z. If these opinions were to hold any merit, why do you have well renown self defense experts like Craig Douglas, and Michael Janich, designing knives with cerca 3” blades? Overall Length: 4.8″ | Blade Length: 3.25” | Weight: 6.4oz | Made In: USA. The thought of being in a knife fight is chilling. If you’re in tight quarters or have an assailant weighing down on it, a knife designed for stabbing is the superior choice. Everything we’ve all been saying in one pocket sized package. Cost does not always equate to its quality, but it’s a good idea to pick a middle-of-the-road price option. And that's assuming they don't have a club or something even more menacing. This knife fits into that “quirky” category because of its tiny handle. Take my word for it and go with the carbon fiber handle over the titanium one. This is the best knife I’ve ever had my hands on, and it’s the perfect model for not only self-defense but just about any other purpose you need a knife for. This is the best knife I’ve ever had my hands on, and it’s the perfect model for not only self-defense but just about any other purpose you need a knife for. That extra grip and tactile feel goes a long way towards a comfortable, reliable blade, especially when it’s wet. Often times I’ve seen responses stating that 3.5-4” is the minimum, and others going as long as 6-7”. It is designed to be worn around the neck and its handle fits your grip perfectly. A fixed-blade knife is stronger and easier to handle defensively. That said, this blade is pretty exceptional. I’m definitely biased on this one, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Looks like about the right size to me. What if you need to use that knife for more than defending against bad guys? Benchmade Bedlam 860. Best is probably as big as you can reasonably carry everyday. No, it’s not beer (but that’s pretty darn important too), it’s the edged weapon. Taylor Brands' series of Schrade tactical knives delivers solid quality at … Sharpen It with this Little-Known Method, Best Pocket Knife Brands: 25 Quality Blade Makers To Consider, Spyderco vs Benchmade: Battle of the Blades, Survival Books and Movies For Education and Entertainment. Overall Length: 4.25″ | Blade Length: 2.75” | Weight: 3.6oz | Made In: USA. My self defense strategy is really a disengagement and withdrawal strategy. Nine titles packed full of premium prepper information. Spyderco Civilian Personal Defense Knife. but since we're talking about self defense blades again... maybe i should re-state my desire for sd focused blades to be made salty for ease of maintenance and reliability. The blade is way more sturdy than I expected it to be and it’s sharp as can be. You want something reliable that you know you can trust. Has anyone else here ever had to use their blades to get them out of trouble and what was the outcome (legally?). The blade is a little long for my tastes, but it’s well within most legal limitations. Yes only to be used when your life is in danger and no other options are available (always consider running away as an option). Its design is ideal for stabbing motions, and its spring assisted opening allows for lightning fast deployment. If you like a smaller handle and an ambidextrous, can’t-get-it-wrong drawing motion, this is the knife for you. I have never used a knife I carry as a self defense tool, I have however been attacked by someone wielding a knife. These blades are easier to conceal and won’t make you overextend yourself on the attack or defense. I don't get people who only carry one knife. Throwing fists with someone is trouble enough, but whipping out your knife is an entirely different ballgame. Blade Style: Reverse-S Blade Composition: VG10 Handle ... 2. This is a matter of endless contention for even casual knife enthusiasts, so let’s cut that discussion down to its basic principles. It’s a bit larger to use for EDC but it’s a perfect blade for no-nonsense, straight-forward, my-life-depends-on-this action. The purpose of a self defense tool is to get someone who means me (or others) harm to leave me alone. Overall Length: 4.8″ | Blade Length: 1.94” | Weight: 1.8oz | Made In: USA. Ugh, I'd only ever consider using a knife in self defense if my life were really on the line, and there was absolutely no other alternative, INCLUDING running away/giving up the cash. Every one of these situations demands a different tactic, but you can rest assured that the only time to consider using your knife is when you or your life is in serious danger. I imagine it would do significant damage to an assailant, which is reason enough to reconsider adding it to your EDC collection. For most people, they will want an EDC knife in the 3″ range. Is this a drunk at a bar intent on causing trouble? Folding-blade knives are far easier to conceal on your person and it’s simple to carry multiple knives as backup. In may case if I had a little less self control it could have been me locked up as I stripped the knife from the attacker relatively early in the fight..If you can can’t run bad knees..if you know your opponent he retreats let him. Overall Length: 6.5″ | Blade Length: 2.75” | Weight: 2.1oz | Made In: China. Spyderco Counterfeits, Clones, Replicas, etc. In certain cases, something like a Hossom Forester with a nearly 10 inch blade would be the best choice. I suppose a Respect would scare the crap out of people in that situation. I’ll start by saying that I am not a fan of these knife shapes and designs. ~ Charlie Chaplin, SHARPEN IT LIKE YOU LOVE IT, USE IT LIKE YOU HATE IT, Best Blade Length for Self Defense; And What Do You Carry For This Purpose, Re: Best Blade Length for Self Defense; And What Do You Carry For This Purpose. The blade is incredibly sharp; be careful with this because it comes shaving-sharp right out of the box. Check out our Ebook bundle. Often times I’ve seen responses stating that 3.5-4” … Trading punches with an assailant can result in some broken bones, black eyes, and a smattering of legal trouble, but using a knife can be a fatal option. I found myself in this situation not too long ago and it was a big eye opener for me. Once a knife is used in a fight things can take a very bad turn. Obviously, if one lives in, or frequents, an area with legal blade length restrictions, that’s going to affect the answer. A day without laughter is a day wasted. Check Price on Amazon Estimated Price: Around $220.