The tunes radiate hippy like happiness. Insecurities were a struggle while writing her third album, but in processing these feelings, her resolve only strengthened. Released on Warp this May, 'Flamagra' builds brilliantly on the recontextualized style of hip hop that first came about with his debut LP ‘Los Angeles; back in 2009. Brockhampton, Calboy, DaBaby, Grip, Hip-Hop, Juice WRLD, Kanye West, Kota The Friend, Megan Thee Stallion, Polo G, Post Malone, Rapsody, Rico Nasty, Rod Wave, Roddy Ricch, Teejayx6, the Creator, Tyler, Young Thug. Little Simz found herself in a “confusing headspace”, a “grey area”, entering her mid-twenties. It’s great to see an artist using her musical platform to spread an environmentalist message. It’s a tranquil, distinctly West Coast-infused cut that wouldn’t sound out of place in a summer road-trip flick. ‘ATAXIA_B2’ opens with a sample from Pakistani singer Naheed Akhtar, promptly disrupting the sweetly sung vocal with scattergun bass throbs and percussive hits at 150 BPM; ‘ATAXIA_C1’ sounds like it could have been made by chucking a studio setup into a spinning tumble dryer. At the start of the year, rhythmic mastermind Nkisi released her debut album ‘7 Directions’ on Lee Gamble’s UIQ, amidst a run of similarly stunning releases also dropping on the label. Thanks. ARIA Top 20 Compilation Albums for week of 9 November 2020. Funster. Oh, and there’s an expertly deployed Sophie Ellis-Bextor sample too. To simplify subscriber access, we have temporarily disabled the password requirement. We love a good, floor-ready earworm here at Mixmag. “The most important direction for self-healing is the walk inwards,” Nkisi told me earlier this year; explaining the spiritual concept of a ‘seven direction walk’ that inspired the album’s title. That’s not forgetting her aptitude for no-holds-barred, reactive, cosmic club material, which is explored throughout in a way that felt wholly natural. Patrick Hinton. These are the albums, EPs, and songs that defined the sound of electronic music in 2019. But it’s no homage album. We want to hear from you! Unmasked, he manages to maintain the bite he’s been known for up until this point. An album from this cult figure, then, is always welcome and ‘One Place For The First Time’ is the perfect package: the sleeve comes adorned in items relating to the tracks, including a series of woolen hats, and the titles reveal Marcelle’s playfulness and politics (‘Respect Caged Animals’, ‘She Plays Vinyl’, ‘Technicians And Their Smoke Machines’). We’ll leave that one to you. It's a bit of mystery what goes through these guys' minds in the studio but we're properly here for it. The first of the four, the aptly-titled, incredibly fun ‘Vortex’, is built up of “bowel-excavating” bangers that successfully encapsulate the sound Woolford has previously celebrated and showcased through his Special Request alias. Whatever the case, the untitled LP was only given out to select friends of the enigmatic producer and copies have sold for upwards of $500 on Discogs. Dave Turner. Sign up for our newsletter. £9.49 #3. A generation eager to indulge in everything from r‘n’b, ambience and dreamscape pop, all in one place, all at once. The album came complete with an anime-styled comic book that imagines a young raver from the future getting embroiled in a dystopian world where music is the release. Backed with an enchanting and mesmerising short film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the album, produced by Nigel Godrich, delves even further into his electronic tendencies with a flurry of nightmarish and melancholic cuts. See Billboard's rankings of this year's most popular songs, albums, and artists. That there must be more out there. Sometimes concept albums can feel overladen by poor execution or concepts that simply don’t work; ‘New Atlantis’ isn’t one of them. Canada born, and based between Vancouver and Berlin, Jayda G’s debut is a cutting-edge disco album. Where other young UK rappers rely solely on swag brags and threats to steal your girl, Huncho’s bling and sexual conquests arrive intermittently as superficial adornments that hang uneasy on writing that deals with paranoia, grief, guilt and depression, like a Rolex in a puddle of pitch black oil. Meanwhile, near-veterans Young Thug and Tyler, the Creator put out statements that, in retrospect, served as coronations. ... 2 last week. 20th Anniversary, NOW That's What I Call Country, Volume 11, NOW That's What I Call Music! £10.49 #2. Rian Treanor doesn’t really ‘do’ track titles. His 'Capsule's Pride' album on LuckyMe was a stunning Akira tribute that had fan-boys and girls around the world in a frenzy with its sparkling display of his production prowess. Sugar in high amounts might be bad for you, but we're happy to be fed spoonfuls if Kornél's the person handing it out. A large part of this is the production of fellow Copenhagen resident El Trick aka Central (who’s carved out his own niche of superbly produced music across various dance genres) which follows the blueprints laid out for him by the likes of Timbaland and The Neptunes to stunning effect. And with that, Gene On Earth is soaring at the moment. Unlike her sets, or even some of her previous offerings, the album stepped away (but not too far) from the harder techno, gabber and trancey sounds that first drew me to Nkisi. 30. Meanwhile, near-veterans Young Thug and Tyler, the Creator put out statements that, in retrospect, served as coronations. Following in the style of an array of EPs and singles, her debut full-length also takes inspiration from soul and 90s r’n’b. Such a morbid lyric isn't the kind you'd expect to hear in a jazz track, but then this band doesn't do jazz conventionally, whatever that's supposed to be. Featuring the likes of George Clinton, Little Dragon, Anderson .Paak, David Lynch, Tierra Whack, Denzel Curry, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat, Toro y Moi, Solange and more, the LP perfectly demonstrates the beat maestro's rhythmic dexterity and the intense amount of influence he's procured in numerous musical circles. Funster. There’s a cheeky joking-but-not energy to the swagger, that Simz pulls off without any pomposity in her composed tones. BY EDM I mean: emotional dance music. There's a chance to catch your breath on lighter moments such as the broken beat-channeling 'Timewave Zero' and the breezy 'Unity', though.