The Best Fall 2020 Fashion Campaigns. The image was part of the brand’s Unhate campaign which featured prominent leaders kissing their ‘enemies’ on the lips. The ads were often accused of being overtly sexual (even accusations of child porn were made) but the one we’ve decided to highlight was the original campaign for CK One which managed to perfectly capture the grungy-androgynous-dangerously-thin vibe of the 90’s. More from Fashion. Fashion. We got you covered. -- and we're enamored of the billowing sleeves and cinched waists by Dior and Balenciaga, infinite pleats from Yves Saint Laurent and swingy, mid-calf coats by Rosal. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. What was that about? Printsome’s T-shirt printing services are perfect for streetwear collections, T-shirt lines and merchandise, among many other possibilities. It is our mission to help you reach your goals. 30 years later, the new creative director of YSL Tom Ford, would replicate the iconic ad for the new fragrance M7. They all raised eyebrows, but the one that took the cake featured model Carmen Kass showing off her pubic hair trimmed into the shape of a G. Subtle. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, All The Best Holiday 2020 Fashion Campaigns, Watch Michael Kors' Spring-Summer 2021 Show Live, Your Complete Guide to The Biggest Fall Trends, Front Row at Home: Watch Chanel's Spring Show, Front Row at Home: Louis Vuitton's Spring Show, Fendi Embraces Duality In Its Latest Campaign, Front Row at Home: Watch Dior's Spring Show, Front Row at Home: Watch Valentino's Spring Show, Christian Siriano Makes a Splash in Connecticut. In 2011, Benetton received a threat from the Vatican itself when they released a photo manipulation of then Pope Benedict XVI snogging Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb. Much like other brands mentioned on this list, American Apparel’s (RIP) ads were deliberately provocative but unlike the others, went for a more ‘realistic’ look (or ‘raunchier’ depending on whom you ask). Designer Marc Jacobs paired with photographer Juergen Teller to create a series of ads with a very identifiable aesthetic, a style that would fit right in with today’s Instagram crowd. From Chanel to Alien, who knew? '70s Style Inspiration From The Decade's Best Fashion Ads (PHOTOS) ... We've rounded up a handful of the best advertisements from the decade -- our list is by no means definitive! American Apparel rarely worked with professional and often casted people right off the street. Fashion • Models. With the help of famed photographer Bruce Weber, the new images of the company where ‘racy’ to say the least. written by Connie Wang. Again, it shocked but we would rather know what Laurent thought of the homage since his disapproval of Ford’s vision is well documented. Furthermore, well known brands such as Diesel, Wrangler, Puma, United Colours of Benetton, Levi’s or Karl Lagerfeld have made way into our list. 15 Eye Candy Fonts That You Shouldn’t Miss, How Apple’s Marketing Revolution Began – 80 Vintage Ads, (15+51) Fabulous Ads From The 1960s (Series Finale), 16 Minimal Designed Websites That Will Boost Your Inspiration, Famous Photographers – Berenice Abbott & New York in the 30s, 30 Impressive Street Art Examples That You Must See, 30 Photoshop Tutorials That Will Rock Your Work, Awesome Package Designs That You Can’t Miss. From the very beginning, his intention was to spark conversations. The Best Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2020. See All the Best Spring 2018 Fashion Campaigns, The Best Fashion Campaigns From Spring 2017. It all started when the heads of Benetton gave photographer Oliviero Toscani total freedom with the company’s marketing campaigns. The actress joined forces once more with her Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann and Brazilian stud Rodrigo Santoro to promote the perfume by creating a three-minute trailer for a sappy movie that was never meant to exist. Toscani basically took an ugly reality that many were choosing to ignore and waved it right in front of their faces. In a time where people couldn’t even say the name of the disease on television, much less did they dare to show images of it. The Best Slip Dresses For A Chic Wardrobe Upgrade. The ad was banned everywhere. One of his most memorable campaigns was for the Spring/Summer 2003 collection. Since then, the director has collaborated on other occasions with the designer which include a commercial for another perfume in 2013 and the fall 2015 campaign which also featured Winona Ryder and Cher, among other celebrities. Fearless fashion, music, art, film, politics and ideas from today's bleeding edge. Nowadays Tom Ford is well known for his use of blatant sexuality in his campaigns, but back in 1990 when he joined Gucci, the young designer was relatively unknown and nobody expected what was about to hit them. The Benetton campaign is just one more in a long line of shocking fashion ad campaigns. Original Text: Harald Meyer-Delius 1st Edit: Jessica Bowler 2nd Edit: Harald Meyer-Delius. Louis Vuitton recruits Jaden Smith, Miu Miu parties in New Orleans with Kate Moss, and so much more. – Make an Immediate Impression, Transfer Printing: Down to the “Nitty Gritty”, Biggest + Best Screen Printing Fairs in London, 50 Work Uniform Examples That Inspire Trust, 10 Custom Shirt Merch Ideas for Virtual Events, T-shirt Printing With Labels Done Right! Whilst also bringing Printsome brand to life with voice and soul. Calvin Klein is also no stranger to controversial advertising. Nowadays the brand is nowhere near as edgy as it used to be (and its CEO’s comments regarding overweight people didn’t do anything to change this) but we have to admit that selling clothes through nudity, is pure genius. Needless to say, it was an unprecedented move that took a lot of cojones. At the same time, they were praised for their lack or airbrushing and their fresh take on the type of models they showcased. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. The picture of the supreme pontiff was later removed from the campaign but the others, which featured figures like Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, were left intact. Many thanks! But the ads I’ve decided to highlight are the ones from the 90’s lead by then barely-legal Kate Moss. Apparently, the company’s creative team only attended the ‘sex sells’ class of their marketing program. With the original campaign, People were not only shocked to see the French designer nude but also quite surprised by the fact that he had picked himself as the face of the campaign. The New & Gigi-Hadid-Approved Dad Trend Is Here. 1 of 8. next. Keep in mind that this was in 2002, way before the social network was launched in 2010. “Dresses you’d love to be caught dead in”, Bonds Underwear: What Dad really wants (2010), The more you run, the shorter the distance.”. Delivering top inspirational design related content each day. Fashion Ads- Best Fashion Ads of 2010 at 5 the Film allegedly took a whopping $102 million to make. ELLE participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Harald is one of the founders of the Printsome-Insights blog! Some of the most iconic images include a black woman breastfeeding a white baby and a nun kissing a priest, but several agree that the most shocking spread featured a man with AIDS on his death-bed surrounded by tearful family members. Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. Whenever they didn’t work with Joe from the shop at the mall, they went for underground picks like drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race and porn stars like Sasha Grey.