The lyrics are just beyond amazing. One of the most favourites. And I could see why it's at the top. So take them off the blinders that cover your eyes Don't break new ground Just follow the beaten path Well all I can do in the end is bury it in the cellar And only a fool would pretend to blame it on the weather This song is what made me a huge seether fan.If you like any of the top 5 songs on this list, you will definitely like this song. Still love it and don't know why people like broken. Me and my dad would listen to it. © 2020 METROLYRICS, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I think it should be in the top five easily! I think this was their best album, despite being their 6'th. Brings back great memories from a great time in my life. Copyright: Writer(s): Nina Gordon Lyrics Terms of Use. More than amazing. This has the gritty, angry seether, which is a much better seether than the slowed down nirvana-like sounding seether. I tried to cram her back in my mouth, yeah. And the screams...oh my god the screams are so intensely filled with emotion. Definitely needs to be TOP 5. IT IS AMAZING!MUST HEAR IT! I love Amy but the sad truth is that this song is #1 because of her, and she ruins the song. It holds some kind of power that makes me feels feelings I've never felt before. Keeps my head up and helps me realize there's always hope, always better days. It has more spirit to it than any other song they ever did. Can't fight the seether I like this song more than any song of seether. And even then that's being generous to the other four, I used to love Seether when I was younger now I'm back into them! I tried to calm her down. I love singing it whenever I'm angry or just want something good to hear. The awesome vocals, deep lyrics, wicked guitars & drums...everything. I love the way you laugh is a great song with some epic writing. I tried to ram her into the ground, yeah. Seether is neither big nor small. I think not. The beginning riff instantly pumps me up, I love it! Awesome song! By far Seether's best song, turned a soft melody into a hard rock Classic. This is seether at there best, Great song deserves to be top ten and the howling they added to this song is amazing, it adds so much substance to the song.. top ten material for sure. How can you forget to add this song! This song got me listening to them in the first place. It is very optimistic. Plus, it has Amy Lee in it, another artist that I could listen to all day and NEVER grow tired of. One of my all time Seether favorites. A true work of art. Broken is an amazing song but why is breakdown number 8, fine again number 5, and rise above this number 7?!?! And it's great! I love seether's songs but I think this is the best, for the meaning of the song and for the music. I needed to absorb it because it touched me and stirred my emotions. Very good song. This song made me get out of bed at 5:00 A.M. on a Saturday because it played on Pandora. Oh, she may not look like other girls, This is the song that got me into Seether, it's so amazing! This song is so optimistic and puts me in a great mood! Come on! I figured they'd be run dry by this point but it felt like a comeback. Please seether fans vote if possible.. She's coming over like a suicide and the same old trip same old trip As before!, as before! I have a feeling it's this low soley because it's relatively new. It just is. Love the lyrics of this song. This just may be their best. This song should be number one, although I think Fake It and Rise above this should be right behind it! One of my favorite seethe songs. Absolutely incredible. This song is so moving, every time I hear it on my playlist I think to myself "Wow, my day just got a whole lot better" then after the song ends I think "I think I'll listen to this another 50 times.". This song is sexy and has great lyrics. I tried to keep her on a short leash, His is like a sad love song, where he is afraid of her loving him (the gift) and that he doesn't accept himself and he doesn't feel like he deserves the gift. This song is just so strong. Keep her down, what a lovely daughter. Top 10 Ways the Internet Has Changed Our Lives, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. Explosive and full of energy equivalent to a heavy metal song. Don't know why it's not #1. One of their best songs ever! Optimistic and energetic, I was very surprised to see this wasn't near the top of the list! it sounds older and the vocals are amazing. How the heck is this masterpiece not at least in the top 3! The song is about being lonesome, lonely, broken, open etc., if a woman sings it with you the emotions are ruined, the meaning is ruined, the song is ruined. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. This song is awesome. Such an amazing song and on the 40th? Guitars and drums is amazing. I don't think this song is bad. It's just a perfect blend. Lyrically it surpasses each and every song that the majority of people who voted here claim to be the 25 songs better (FMLYHM is the only song I like more but that's just because it's so catchy). Can't even believe this one is so left behind, Hi, I come from Italy.