Tips for Creating Marketing Videos Tell a Story. But back to the Reebok campaign. Do as Dubai does and aim big. When it comes to a great corporate video, keeping it simple can often be the most effective means of getting your point across. Sure he played basketball, but don't let that sum up his entire career. to explain their global interests and enterprises – as wide-ranging as agricultural products, to high performance materials. This is what would've happened if Dwight Clark, Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter drank Powerade. Set to "Get Your Freak On" by Missy Elliot, the campaign launch video conveys a social proof message about getting active through women participating in boxing, swimming and volleyball. When the Dubai Association Centre (DAC) set out to explain the bureaucratic machinations of its line of business, they astutely recognised that the subject matter they were promoting could come across drier than the Dubai desert if it wasn’t handled with care. Something big is happening in the world of sports marketing. Brands need to respond to this trend and turn it to their advantage. FirstRowSports –; FirstRowSports is also best sports streaming sites that facilitate its users to watch all of their favorite sports very easily. This is a really endearing approach that can often excuse a lower budget production. These 10 best corporate videos demonstrate distinctive techniques for capturing the audience’s attention. Adding eye-catching, headline statements can make all the difference. In this blog, we’ll showcase 10 of the best corporate videos ever (in our humble opinion! A bookie site makes it into my top 5. Articles to help you attract your audience to your website or business using video. Rather, some great visuals overlaid with impactful statements can be just as effective. However, squares aren’t friendly, they’re spiky. In their efforts to showcase their corporate story and values, global conglomerate DuPont turned to the tried and tested route of an animated explainer video (can you see a theme emerging here?!) The subway. Yes, it’s hard to distill a message down to half a minute, but the best product videos make it look like a cinch. And yet, the social media gurus manage to be very persuasive in their assertion that there’s far more you could be achieving with their platform with a bit of tuition. Articles to help you support your prospects, customers & team using video. There’s even a hint that a pair of Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship trophies might not be replicas after all. The Canadian Football League (CFL) used a series of Vine and Youtube videos along with social posts from athletes and fans to build up momentum for its season opener.