KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife Possibly the single most iconic fixed blade knife, at least in regards to the tactical world, KA-BAR’s US Marine Corps Fighting Knife has been relied upon by generations of American soldiers as one of their primary field and survival tools. The CQC-7 is one of the best-designed tactical folding knives, and its defensive potential is improved even further in its fixed blade version. This American-made, 7.7-ounce fixed blade is built for heavy use and comes with Buck's "Forever Warranty." Better still, it works whether you are left or right handed too and has exceptional … You probably know the wave-shaped opening Emerson knives have as a way to quickly deploy a folding blade from a pants pocket. When we go hunting, we generally prefer to take along a knife that was designed for the job. Now, the only exception to this rule is the Gerber LMF 2. No, it’s not the best fixed blade knife you could buy on a dollar per performance basis and 1095, even if it is their upgraded Cro-Van steel (1095 with a little Vanadium added), isn’t exactly the best or the most durable in any specific category, but there is a lot to love about this knife. ESEE 4. Their Companion Knife is one of the best … Designed by a group of wilderness survival instructors, the ESEE 4 fixed blade is famed for its simplicity and durability. Featuring a 4.4 inch Tanto serrated blade, this SWBG2TS Tactical Knife is versatile and multi-functional and will be your ally in many a situation. Any fixed blade knife with a partial tang or no tang at all can typically be tossed. Combining the benefits of a glass breaker with an integrated seat-belt cutter and also featuring a honed cutting edge, there’s no chance that this knife will let you down. As far as survival knives go, there isn’t one more popular than the ESEE 4. But when it’s on a fixed blade knife it serves its original purpose: as a blade catcher to prevent injury when you’re working against an … One such option comes from Morakniv. Shop Now. 3 Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife – Best Fixed Blade Knife for Outdoors. The LMF 2 has nearly a full tang, but it stops just before the butt plate to provided insulate protection against stray live wires. The Mark II is made to be a tactical knife, and its classic lineage gives it some provenance in the field. Buck Knives has developed a great tactical blade that is stout and built for durability, without a lot of frills that could ramp up the price. A full tang means the blade extends all the way into the handle.