You might be looking for new vegetable-forward recipes to try, or practicing, Credit: With the right vegetarian cookbook, a beginner cook or new vegetarian can find the tools to help them discover an array of foods. A. In this buying guide, we give you the recipe for shopping success and a taste of our favorites. There’s a lot of information there. Take a peek at a cookbook’s table of contents. You’ll also learn a lot more about the culture and history behind these meals when you read the intro to each recipe. Does it seem appealing? ", Best for Weeknights: Isa Does It at Amazon, "Supermarket-friendly recipes that use quick-cooking techniques. Vegetarian cookbooks are for everyone — carnivores included. Best Overall: Vegan for Everybody at Amazon "Packed with more than 200 vegan recipes." Best for Weeknights: Isa Does It at Amazon "Supermarket-friendly recipes that use quick-cooking techniques." Q. We suggest avoiding meat substitutes. These include: Diet choice is a personal one, and not every diet works for every individual. Whatever your skill level or dietary choices, a vegetarian cookbook makes a great companion for your kitchen. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks. Tell your local grocer that you’d love for them to stock tempeh or different types of veggie burgers. Book and the recipes in it are put together nicely and easy to follow. A revised version of a popular vegetarian cookbook that contains modern recipes and vegan options. Do you like classic dishes like pizza and chili? Pressure cooker: Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker Indian cuisine incredibly vegetarian-friendly. The Thug Kitchen cookbook is an ultra-popular book of vegan recipes. Eating vegan doesn't have to mean spending a fortune on rare substitutes and pricey produce. Fair warning for those with a big cookbook collection: Some of the recipes in this cookbook are repeats from other America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks like The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook or The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook. We’ve assembled a list of 50 of the world’s most reliable, inexpensive wines – bottles that offer amazing quality for their price year in and year out. A few of the recipes are elaborate, and many require eggs or cheese. The book is organized according to ingredient, so you can focus on the central veggies you have on-hand and whatever is in season. She offers recipes like sweet potato red curry with rice and purple kale and summer seitan sauté with cilantro and lime, plus quirky commentary, great photos, and illustrations to keep you entertained along the way. Includes many color photos. Make hearty vegan dishes like barbecued carrots with slow-cooked white beans or millet roux mushroom gumbo—no meat substitutes required. Cannelle et Vanille: Nourishing, Gluten-Free Recipes for Every Meal and Mood by Aran Goyoaga (2019), $22 (originally $35) at, Jenne Claiborne infuses her Southern food traditions with plant-based ingredients to make the perfect mix of sweet, savory, and comfort food delights. An affordable vegetarian cookbook with recipes that can be made with inexpensive ingredients. Does the extra information (pantry organization, nutritional information) seem valuable to you? Recipes are easy to follow and prepare, yet healthful and delicious. Not everyone is fond of mock meats, though. Numerous easy-to-follow recipes make this a suitable cookbook for novice vegetarians and cooks who only occasionally prepare meat-free meals. While many grocery stores are beginning to stock a host of vegetarian-friendly foods, small chains may not do so. As a farmer and a chef he shares how to get the very best of every vegetable at their peak, and with 225 recipes there is more than enough variety for all six seasons of harvesting. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews. A lot of vegetarian dishes require plenty of cutting and chopping. and give us feedback about your visit today. The recipes are organized by season, so this pick is perfect for the cook interested in utilizing seasonal produce. My New Roots: Healthy Plant-Based and Vegetarian Recipes for Every Season by Sarah Britton (2020), $19 at, This global-inspired book has 125 recipes for everything from the stove top to the Instant Pot. Our 22 Best Crock Pot and Slow-Cooker Recipes. Whether it’s pad thai, pancakes, or mac ‘n cheese, there are plenty of recipes you’ll want to make again and again. This popular vegetarian cookbook has been updated and includes new recipes and vegan dishes along with classic favorites. Available in paperback, spiral-bound, and on Kindle. There are many varieties of vegetarians, though. Love and Lemons Every Day: More than 100 Bright, Plant-Forward Recipes for Every Meal by Jeanine Donofrio (2019), $25 (originally $35) at, José Andrés turned his focus to vegetables for his latest cookbook, and we can’t thank him enough. And with this particular book, you’ll get her best ideas for easy weeknight dinners—most of which can be done in 30 minutes or less. Award-winning vegetarian cookbook that has earned praise from athletes and These vegetarian-friendly takes on soul food are worth making every week. They’re nutritious and filling, and dry beans are ultra-inexpensive. Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables by Joshua McFadden (2017), $19 (originally $35) at, Deborah Madison’s collection of vegetable-focused recipes include dishes such as Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Sunflower Sprouts and Olive Oil, Almond, and Blood Orange Cake. Quite a few of the recipes call for eggs, which won't appeal to strict vegetarians or vegans. Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes by Bryant Terry (2020), $30 at, Susan Spungen, the founding food editor of Martha Stewart Living, shares accessible recipes for vegetable-forward, delicious meals. Use it to shred carrots, liquify sauces, and slice potatoes. This Instant Pot-focused cookbook gives you 80 great vegan recipe ideas to put this appliance to work. Comes in a hardcover edition plus is available on Kindle.