With this in-mind, we are not a high pressure sales company. A recent search for shops in a few other states gave the standard Prophet response, “You are not eligible for any of the visits in the cities you choose.” Video shops are listed as a service on their client website. According to their press release, former CEO of Primo, Michael Miller stays on with Bild as Regional Vice President of Sales. We promise you'll get something you'll love. If you don't think it's perfect, you can return it no questions asked. If shoppers are aware of the change, they have not yet reported on the forum their experiences with Bild & Company. Add your insights, criticisms, thoughts, opinions, or responses to the article. Trust us! We currently partner with many national companies and manufacturers, as well as smaller independent retailers. Bild & Company conducted mystery shopping after the experience with Bild’s friend and found that sales teams consistently failed to follow-up on requests for sales sheets, rates and other marketing materials when asked. Would you buy something that you can't see? Payment for Bild is listed as within 45 days by PayPal or check. Because of this approach to doing business, many of our customers have been with us for over a decade conducting monthly programs. It appears mystery shopping was a very small part of their offerings before acquiring Primo, as there was only one reference to it on Mystery Shop Forum. Mystery Shopper Services is a division of Business Evaluation Services. Limited discussion on the forum was nearly uniform with high praise for this company. However, the original poster seemed to tell only part of the story at first. In October 2014, Bild & Company, a Tampa based consulting firm for senior living facilities, announced the acquisition of Primo Solutions. Primo Solutions LLC was a MSPA member company based in Arizona and offered mystery shopping to senior living facilities. All profits donated to life-changing research to cure blindness. It's simple. We serve a variety of industries including retail, restaurants, financial, automotive, theme parks, flooring, furnishings, hotels, consumer electronics, wireless services, competitive analysis, price audits and market audits. Shoppers said the work was well paid for the time involved, they were paid quickly and the schedulers were great to work with. WELCOME TO THE SIGN UP FORM FOR BLD SCHEDULING SHOPPERS : Please enter your name and email address below. The shopper website is accessible. Become an Independent Evaluator Independent Contractors range in age, gender, ethnic and economic backgrounds. If everything is a good fit, and we feel we can bring value to their operations, we will then work with them if we are fortunate enough to be selected as their partner. The issue seems to have been resolved in a reasonable manner. Add Primo Solutions to the list of MSPs recently purchased. Welcome to the November 2nd through November 16th Shop Blind challenge! About Mystery Shopping We all shop in some form or another, and many of us enjoy shopping. That should be good news for shoppers as Primo was well liked as an MSP. Mystery Shopper Services is a division of Business Evaluation Services. According to their press release, former CEO of Primo, Michael Miller stays on with Bild as Regional Vice President of Sales. Our goal is to build long term partnerships with our customers. Also, some shoppers have posted on the Primo thread after the acquisition without making mention of Bild or the acquisition. After acquiring a well-liked MSP, it seems to have missed an opportunity to announce itself to shoppers. Bild continues with Primo’s platform Prophet. Join our IC Evaluation Team As an Evaluator, you will work with us as an Independent Contractor, and not an employee. The clients we serve range from globally recognized brands such as Microsoft, Walt Disney, and Tommy Hilfiger, to smaller independent companies with single locations. Additionally, all employees of Primo stay on as well. But very rarely does opportunity present itself to do what we enjoy doing and getting to charge for doing it. In fact, we do not take on every project that is brought to us; we first evaluate the needs of the customer and determine if we are the best fit for their needs before we take on any projects. Review our “Scam Alerts” page to find out more. We are located in Bakersfield, CA. By doing this with several different mystery shopping providers you increase your chances of fulfilling the number of hours you want to work each week and gain more valuable experience as a mystery shopper.