Previous Battle. Also lets not use ABC logic here people, it does not matter what Batman or Lex have and have not done. But while Batman is supposed to be one of the smartest people on earth, Black Panther is one of the smartest people in the known Marvel Universe. One of the posters told me that. And so I ask: Who would win in a fight, Batman or Black Panther? Hmm......... Dang. @blackadamFTW: Thanks. 8 With Chef Magnus Nilsson, Meeting the Women of ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ With Lauren Zima and Juliet Litman. Why ‘The Avengers’ Is So Important to Pop Culture, There’s a Reason Why Hollywood Loves a Good Body Swap. To while away that inhumanely long period of time between now and February 2018, I propose that we do what fans have always done while waiting for things to happen: argue over hypotheticals. As well as use Wakandan magic. If one wants, also BP can beat Superman, although it is not Batman or Luthor. And could one punter break a mark that’s stood for 80 years? I’m gonna try a new type of answer and rely more heavily on scans, please tell me if you prefer this type of answers or my old ones, bear in mind, this answere is longer than most of mine because of that so feel free to skim it. The weapon actually is meant to affect both Superman so when his Superman uses it, they both fall from the sky and Black Panther will have defeated not one, but two Kryptonians. Well I know he wont win,but my question is can he create something like that>>I just wanna know if its possible for BP! Yes, BP can do it, I think, but without a sample of kryptonite can not recreate nothing. Can Ryan Tannehill complete the most clutch season ever? Black Panther. Techinically, I mean. Without a piece of kryptonite, BP can not do anything, and can not recreate a synthetic Kryptonite (he can do that?) It’s a Withering, Cryptic, Flawed Missive. Or adamantium claws. You get it. You are indeed where you belong. No rules but they're both only wearing long johns. Batman is a paranoid and he must always be ready for everything. @Alexander505: Then with the amount of time BP is given to prep for the match, why can't he be able to beat Supes? I have an answer, and it is a good answer arrived at through reasoning that was also good, not to mention deductive, scientific, empirical, without flaw, all that good stuff. @Buckshot: So what do yo think on amount of time needed? Nick Fury vs. Tony Stark, Who Won ‘The Avengers’? Who Would Win? Ra's did, but using Batman's plans. For that matter, the Panther and the Bat are both obsessive about power — its upper bounds, its constitutionality, and in whose hands it belongs. Batman can't beat Superman. *The one Tony Stark (Iron Man) cobbled together to save the multiverse from assured destruction whenever the need should arise, which turned out to be often. There's no reason it wouldn't work. Makes me happy. Batman < Superman all day everyday. The only way Batman could win with kryptonite would be if he was like this: You know what you call "Tower Of Babel situation" simply shows the plans of Batman against JLA? He invented most of his gadgets, which include just about everything short of a gun. Tom 2 years ago. Which NFL Breakout Performances Are Here to Stay? Both rounds goes to Mace 6/10. No one beats supes,,,he's America's golden shining idol,,,he will never die and when he does he will rise from the dead and sell more comics because everyone loves him...the day superman will lose to anyone is when his numbers drop that's it...he has even survived encounters with green kryptonite and lived through it based on WIS,PIS it will never change, black panther with a year easy all he has to do is use red sun or magic. For instance, everyone — in the fictional world, that is — knows that Black Panther’s real name is T’Challa, Chieftain of the Panther Clan, Warrior King of the African nation-state of Wakanda. Of course, if Batman has weapons to kill Superman, this does not mean Bruce That Is Able with certainty to beat Clark. The synthetic kryptonite is the only proof that Superman can be beaten, but Batman has had time to study the kryptonian genetics and with own collection of kryptonite, he was able to recreate the synthetic kryptonite. (He also wears lace-up paratrooper combat boots; Robin is a slovenly mechanic with a hoop earring; Oracle is a misty-eyed teenager — it’s bizarre, darkly realistic, and well worth $20.). So, do you think (as opposed to others) the characters like BP, Batman and Luthor, can actually defeat Superman? Where was Black Panther in that same ranking, you ask? Can he take him out with that much prep time? So Batman, God of Knowledge, is excluded from this thought experiment., Need more context on the feats of tiger god mate, but going by the picture it’s stated “Humanity feared him” And Cosmic Armoured Superman is like a multiversal entity so I’m probably gonna give it to CAS, The good/ideal matchups against Cas from Marvel would be:-. Black Panther is given 1 year of prep time using any of his own resources he has and Lex Luthor's files on Superman, he has no kryptonite but he is allowed to make some synthetically if able. You do not need an example of something to create it synthetically, as long as you have research on it and given a good lab and equipment. This is to say that the way their fight went down in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was not at all how it happened in Batman v Superman; I’ve been upset about this for a solid year. Each is spurred on by defining elements of childhood trauma. It also has those silver shards along the collarbone that remind me of the snake chain Kendrick Lamar was wearing in the "Humble." Nice try. And Nora, Danny Kelly, and Kaelen Jones make their Super Bowl picks, Musa and Ryan deliver a sequel to their recent "Disrespected XI" episode featuring submissions from listeners, Join chef and founder of Momofuku Dave Chang for a new weekly cooking show, Dave and his producers talk through the unique fatigue of working during the pandemic and chef Magnus Nilsson joins to talk about his illustrious career, This week on ‘Binge Mode,’ it’s a showdown between Nick Fury and Tony Stark, Juliet and Lauren also award some superlatives for the series premiere of ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’, Content ©2020 The Ringer All Rights Reserved, A Very Scientific Exploration of Whether Batman or Black Panther Would Win in a Fight, The NBA’s Next Star Big Man May Be Hiding in Plain Sight on the Free Agent Market. He could do it in a day. OK, so this one’s tough, because while both have a reputation for felling foes more formidable than themselves, Batman beat the brakes off of Superman while reminding Superman that he didn’t have to go easy on him. Why would attack his friends? BP could put something like that together and Superman would be susceptible to it. Batman already fought Superman just like that.....he lost. (This actually happened during the Christopher Priest run of Black Panther in the 1990s.) With the exception of Peter Tomasi turning him into a god, the hero’s core principles are usually the same: über-knowledgeable, handy with the mitts, absolutely terrible at parties. Which Single-Season NFL Records Are Poised to Fall in 2020? Not saying it's impossible for Batman to beat Superman, just that in every encounter they've ever had, Superman has won. Goals. Take a cue from this guy. A quick detour to 2039: Privacy has been all but stamped out by psychic police and holographic caller ID, so Batman safeguards his secret identity by doing things like blowing up entire crime labs to obfuscate a single blood sample, dosing people with psychotropic drugs, and wearing ceramic vampire teeth. Prima facie, both seem kind of ordinary next to their more idealistic, square-chinned teammates, some of whom have yet to see any decent movies made about them (namely Superman and Thor). And incidentally, this is also how Black Panther was marketed in Captain America: Civil War for his upcoming (and awesome-looking) solo film, which is a painful, agonizing seven months away. Well,I wouldnt say that would beat him up in a straight up fight.Its asinine to think or believe in a straight up they could win aganist a Kryptonian.But if Supes didnt have his powers,Batman and Black Panther would seriously hurt Supes!Maybe even kill him! @blackadamFTW For you, BP can beat Superman?