Black Shark 2 is built for gaming, and while that doesn’t have to necessitate garish looks, this phone is full of divisive hardware details. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. Every 5G phone announced so far so you can get a faster internet connection, These are the best Samsung Galaxy deals for November 2020. optimization built in as well, but you’ll probably want to turn it off. It’s also heavy, being just a shade lighter than the iPhone XS Max at 205 grams. You can get it for $599.99 at Amazon, and that’s not prohibitively expensive for a phone with specs like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, the latest processor found in 2019 Android flagship phones. Pro: erschwinglich angesichts der Spezifikationen; vielfältige Speicheroptionen; eindrucksvoller AMOLED-Bildschirm. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs. OnePlus 8T: Which one wins? You’ll find the dual front-facing speaker grilles to either side of the screen. It’s a good enough score to place it among the highest scoring smartphones for these tests. If those issues haven’t turned you off, its design might. Besonders der riesige Speicher ist hierbei bemerkenswert: Die Topausführung besitzt sagenhafte 12 GB Arbeitsspeicher, ein in der Smartphone-Welt bislang selten erreichter Wert. newsletter, Xiaomi-made gaming phone released in China earlier this year, Apple hasn’t done a great job of justifying its existence. It should please Android purists. ...“, Getestet wurde: Black Shark 2 (8GB RAM, 128GB). One-handed games that are a natural fit for a phone aren’t an issue for me, but tapping and swiping in games with complex control schemes can be maddening. The telephoto lens is used in bokeh portrait mode shots, and it’s unfortunately inconsistent. This increases the light gathered by the sensor and boosts low light performance by creating a 12-megapixel image instead. Trotzdem ist das Gerät vermutlich schon aufgrund seines Gewichtes und Aussehens nur für echte Gamer interessant. Surprisingly, the interface is largely “stock,” and isn’t Xiaomi’s (Black Shark’s parent company) MIUI interface. The Black Shark 2 outstripped the Samsung Galaxy S10 by a decent margin, but fell just short of the OnePlus 7 Pro. We experienced some unexpected restarts on the initial software build, but Black Shark pushed out an update after we brought this to its attention. The Black Shark 2 plays the latest games without as much as a stutter and handles everyday apps with contemptuous ease. But is there room in the sea for the Black Shark 2? „Pro: Leistungsstarke Hardware; Gute Akkulaufzeit; Ausgezeichnetes Gamepad; Anpassung der Touch-Eingabe; Attraktiver Preis. Ein Update auf Android 6.0 dürfte zudem demnächst wahrscheinlich sein. You can use it on any landscape-oriented game that has controls that you’d like to customize and developers don’t have to do anything special to their games to enable it. The Black Shark 2 uses a “Mille-Feuille Full Area Liquid Cooling System” — an oversized cooling plate that covers major components, reducing core temperatures by up to 14-degrees. Nubia’s gaming beast has similar specs and a comparable battery to the Black Shark 2, but also has a lower price tag of $479. Google’s Pixel phones usually get flak for their two-toned design, but Xiaomi’s blend of metal and glass is truly something. It has 8GB of RAM, and an in-display fingerprint sensor, too, so it’s right up there with the likes of the OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 in terms of hardware features. It works similarly to 3D Touch on the iPhone, changing the screen’s response depending on how hard you push on it, except it’s more useful. Schwächen: lediglich 60-Hz-Bildwiederholrate; mittelmäßige Kameraqualität; fehlende Ausstattungsmerkmale (NFC, Klinkenanschluss, kontaktloses Laden); teures optionales Gamepad; geringfügige Einstellungsmöglichkeiten des Betriebssystems. The software still isn’t perfect, and the controllers are currently hard to recommend — but Black Shark is clearly improving, and it bodes well. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. Im Test der drei aktuellen Top-Handys Nokia N96, Samsung i8510 INNOV8 und Sony Ericsson C905 konnte das Nokia-Modell triumphieren. But personally, it was revelatory. Software updates are another story, though. I took some shots of the sea and the result was often a cartoonishly blue ocean. To try out the feature yourself, you’ll have to buy the phone. MagicTouch lets you customize one button on the right side, too, and for PUBG, I knew exactly what else I wanted to change. It certainly isn’t up to the level of the Samsung Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic sensor. 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It’s still a gaming phone — and certainly not iPhone XS levels of sleek — but it’s much classier, and you probably won’t be ashamed to be seen with it. I struggled to access the Gamer Studio’s customization options in Asphalt 9: Legends and Fortnite, as the mode froze and crashed when I tried to access it. There’s also an in-display optical fingerprint sensor. Black Shark includes a TPU case in the box and I recommend you use it. Instead of logging onto Twitter every few minutes, for a lack of anything better to do on my phone, I actually felt the rare pull to play a mobile game. And, there is no warranty support in the US.