Richard Hagstrom | He crashes there, but luckily his speed decreased enough that the ka-tet only sustained minor injuries. " Superior Artificial BrainSpeed (900 miles/hour) Wendigo | During this time Roland and Blaine swap riddles. Brady Hartsfield | Blaine nevers answers this last one; in fact, it kills him. Sleepwalkers, The Body Origin The rest of his body continues to slide along the tracks and crashes into the station in Topeka. Blaine also had a rogue part of his brain that was dubbed "Little Blaine". Alias Blaine was a monorail developed by the Old Ones, with dipolar computers housed under Lud. Billy Nolan | Blaine answers every riddle the group can give him, without pausing. Craig Toomey | While on Blaine, he informed them that he was planning suicide by crashing into the Topeka station, with the ka-tet on him. During his slope into insanity, Blaine developed a rogue part of his brain that was dubbed "Little Blaine". Blaine is going insane and the only thing that is keeping him from ending himself is his love for riddles. Riddling. His top speed was 900 miles an hour. The Kid | ". Full Name Blaine is a still functioning piece of Imperium technology. Eddie is the one who finally stumps Blaine with the jokes that Roland had previously declared "unworthy". Listen to music from Blaine the Mono like Missing, Circles & more. His mind keeps bouncing between the night on the road to Lud when Roland had told Jake a riddle to calm him down and a statement his brother Henry had once made; "when Eddie is in that fuckin zone, he could talk the devil into setting himself on fire." Barton George Dawes | With that the hellish ride on Blaine the Mono comes to a stop (crash) in Topeka. Blaine finds Jake and Roland in Tick-Tock Man's headquaters. Charles Brady | He carries Roland and his band of pilgrims over the Waste Lands, before crashing and destroying himself. But look, I'm not sure I can go on. In the first round Roland wants to test Blaine and has the ka-tet take turns. Barry Dorgan | Happy Toyz Truck | "Jellyfish" available worldwide March 3rd. Blaine the Mono. His original purpose was to house passengers to Topeka, making stops in Candleton, Rilea, The Falls of the Hounds, and Dasherville. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Blaine the Mono. He was alone so long that it drove him mad, and he even killed his counterpart, Patricia the Mono, because she complained too much. Tina Blake | Butch Bowers | Captain Hollister | Blaine then disappears to find the other half of the ka-tet and leaves the gunslingers with another riddle: "You have to prime the pump to get me going, and my pump primes backwards." Clyde Parker | He became suicidal and attempted to kill Roland and his ka-tet in his suicide, but was ultimately defeated.