Cookies help us deliver our Services. Sometimes the author decides to wrap up the story as if it was a goodbye. I went to Dublin with two friends. But they hit the Ted part of it a lot harder.). Obnoxiousness in order of how much it angered me: To me, the stars of HIMYM weren't Ted or Barney or Robin, they were Marshall and Lily. Basically, HIMYM has a nice little easter egg involving colors, with purple representing Robin (the woman Ted spends a lot of time getting over, initially represented by a purple giraffe) and yellow representing Tracy (the mother in the title, usually demonstrated through her yellow umbrella). Ted tells them this grand story about their mother and they change he subject right away to Robin. I can't wait for the day when I find out. "It's meant to be, 'cause I mean it to be" . What an overbearing creep. They both represent Ted's perseverance, along with the red cowboy boots. The rest you will have to learn and experience through my challenge of you binge watching the entire series. Even assuming they were paid the bare minimum, the ratio of residuals paid to time spent on set must be. For further information about Gerstner Imperial Hospitality Group, visit: The Belvedere itself is already a wonderful place: a historic Baroque building consisting of two palaces, the Orangery, and the Palace Stables. Watching them after March 31st will be too intense, it needs to be done now. Maybe Ted delaying the marriage is another sign that even though he totally loved Tracy he still has the lingering love for Robin? Didn't stick with BSG long enough to get to the finale. I am decidedly unthrilled at killing off Tracy and Barney having a baby and that makes everything better. Almost four years later, I am in a different country, I remember that very first boyfriend only when I need to write a sentimental piece about my past, and it is no hazard to say I am a completely different person. Stay tuned for the rest of the entries for the P.S. I'm not disappointed that the mother died. I would have liked to have seen Barney's baba momma for a minute or two. However, as years went by, I experienced new feelings, new interests, I met new people, I had my first serious relationship, and suddenly,  in late 2007, I stopped following the same routine, and spent my evening chatting or messaging with my friends or boyfriends of the time. I have prayed almost every night with that same ounce of hope, thinking one day I'll wake up and my life will be better or go back to how it was, but it doesn't and hasn't. They're not even close. At the same time, some wonderfully surprising things happened, putting a smile on my face despite what I was going through. Watching the group grow up and grow sort-of-apart-but-not-completely really rang true. This is a stark contrast to the blue French horn: Ted needed to perform a rain dance to be with Robin, but with Tracy, it was already raining (hence the umbrella).