Comes with four basketballs (units may vary in color). which this might be a good solution for you, too. Board Games. See our Q&A for more details on Gold Membership benefits. This rental service is only available locally. $175. If you rent a game online, bear in mind you will have to pick the game up in store or pay for delivery; we will not ship rental games. Games sitting on your shelf unplayed? $75, Get ready for some seriously knotted fun with this massive twister board that rolls out a huge 10' Long x 1' Width. I am…. Need a board game rental program? SALE. $75, Classic Ring Toss game. BoardGameCo is your one stop shop for buying, selling and trading board games. Our website is sustained by readers. $175, Table football, commonly called fuzboll. Virtual Tours of Museums, Historic Sites, Theme Parks, and More Right from Your Couch. There are a lot of places where you can New Cl A ssifie d £18 ONO For Sale Collection of vintage board games. easily rent board games if you’re interested, and there are many situations in Access rulebooks and videos online on how to play, 1. If not, you can pick up and return board games at our downtown location at $75, Get 3 in a row in any direction win a prize. Players try to toss a rubber covered softball into the old fashioned Milk Can. Games may not be kept for longer than seven days. Games can only be rented for 3 days. // FREE for orders over $200. Reviews on Game Store in Waterloo, ON - J & J Cards & Collectibles, Games Exchange, Good Time Games, KW Vintage Games, That Game Store, VGCC - Video Game Collectors Community, Nexus Games & Hobbies, The Beat Goes On, Microplay, 123wowdeals 423 Queen Street West, Suite 212. Comes with 1 bottle & ring. Two-player games have come into their own, with game designers creating amazing games specifically for ... 88 West Pender Street, Unit 1069 46"high x 31" deep. Cases are durable & lightweight. You can rent just about any kind of board game from a service like this, although the catalogs may differ depending on the store or company you work with. Check our selection out at the rear of the store or online. $125, This is a Imperial 7' Indoor / Outdoor Pool Table. This membership also allows discounts on purchased games. Give it a shot. Our List of Games to Rent. Gundams. Miniatures. If you would like to make a purchase, you can contact us and we can provide delivery options. Take the game home and try it! We rent realistic life sized dinosaurs and our live-action dinosaur characters are perfect for large and small venues. Reserve by 12pm and receive your board games by 4pm. a great online destination to get all the games, all the time! Example: you rent $50 of games. $250, This game is 9' long x 4' wide, Includes 6 balls + 4 paddles. You have three chances to hit all seven! Includes 50 prizes. This set is perfect for camping, barbecues, parties. Adding a business to Yelp is always free. 46"high x 31" deep. Our walking Dinosaur party rentals are a unique form of entertainment that engages your audience and leaves a lasting impression like no other attraction. If games are not returned, customers will be charged full price. Rental membership is just an application away that requires a NJ DL & a Credit Card to be kept on file, alternatively rentals through the new Luau Club are available 1 or 2 games at a time. Any other details: You must contact Board Game Exchange via email to let them know when you’re sending back a game you’ve finished using. $75, Try to make a coin stay on an amount. $175, 1 or 2 player option. “For over 16 years, our personalized split letter monograms and decorative metal art signs have been loved by Canadians who enjoy celebrating life’s special moments! Games can be kept for up to four days, and if they are returned on time, customers can get a discount toward a purchase of the same game in new condition as well. International Village (Tinseltown) Mall Your Credit Card will be kept securely stored with our processor. $75, Designed for Birthday Parties, Picnic Races, Team Competition, Derby Days. Then your best bets are a board game rental service! We offer Popcorn machines (Includes the corn, salt, butter, bags and machine) and Snow Cone machines (includes syrups, cones and the machine). We are a Giant Sized party rental company servicing all of Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire. Lays 75" L x 25" W. $75, Separate the handle bars moving the ball to make it go down to the highest score. Don't want to buy a game just to see if you like it? How to rent: Board games can be rented from Just Games for as little as five dollars, depending on the game in question. SIGN UP FOR FREE FREE Delivery & COVID-19 Updates Click here for more info. No PC. Sell or trade them in for cash or credit! $250, This extra large 8-player Garlando XXL Outdoor Foosball Table offers increased fun and action. Collectible Card Games. VISIT THEM HERE: How to rent: Games can be rented and played in-store for free as often as needed. $75, Try to make the bottle stand up. Tables may vary in color (Blue/Green). Collectible Card Games. Comes with 40 multi colored pucks. or is she not thinking enough?? $75, The object is for the player to negotiate the maze by tilting  the table with the handles. 30" long x 30" wide. VISIT THEM HERE:, Some games available: Pandemic, Spirits of the Rice Paddy, Relic. More are added every week, and we’re always demoing games in store! $75, 10' W x 10' L Portable pop up Instant canopy tent is ideal for carnivals, market shows, fairs, concessions and vending events. VISIT THEM HERE:, Some games available: Machi Koro, Apples to Apples, Five Tribes, Jaipur. Location: Board Game Exchange is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, but conducts business online/through the mail. Tables may vary in color and style (indoor wood / outdoor resin). Return the game on time and get the rental fee returned to you as store … Stands 46" high x 31" deep. AMAZING FEATURES Rent your favourite board games and expansions, and enjoy them in the comfort of your home with same day deliveries*. GREAT FOR GAME GROUPS One for the Many. $75, The group of up to 3 are faced with the task of walking, as a team, on two planks / skis with rope handles. 7' tall and 5' long. Comes with 3 plastic balls. Am I thinking to much about this?? A life size fun version of the operation game. It takes two to tango... and have an awesome game night! Board Game Rentals! $75, Try to make a ball in a jar. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you come back again soon! It comes with a rack of balls and 2 pool cues. Running out of space on your shelves? Available in classic wood or plastic sets. Loot they will love: Top treasures for your RPG player. Any other details: This store adds new games each month so there’s always something exciting to pick. $75, High quality giant cards measure 10.1 by 7.4 inches. We've got you covered! Customers can also sign up to become members of the Luau Club, which allows rentals of one or two games at a time, depending on the membership tier selected. Games should be returned in the same condition they were when they were checked out in order to avoid any fees for damages caused. Board Game Rentals. Return the game on time and get the rental fee returned to you as store credit! I work in Hamilton have a good stable job and make good money, right now my commute to work is about 26km that takes about 25ish minutes. I left my car parked in a decent spot in front of the supermarket and walked over to The Beat Goes On. Click here for details Dino rental. We provide you with organized and fun board games to enjoy in the $175, This is a Barrington 9' Shuffleboard Table that comes with 8 pucks and extra table sand. Trade N Games' numbers look relatively similar, with higher payroll ($4,000), rent ($3,000) and cost of games … Dimensions 14′ L x 9′ W x 12′ H. $200, Inflatable Soccer Darts Board with 6 Inflatable Balls for Sports Game 10' H X 10' W. $200. This carnival game comes with 6 balls and a table. $75, Ladder Ball, sometimes called “golf toss,” is fun and simple. For the youngest players, the Baby Shark Fishing Game, Hungry Hungry Hippos and more preschool board games get little ones using those fine motor skills, with bright colours and fun characters to spark their imagination. Playing games in the store is completely FREE. Pricing starts at $400. $75, Professional Golf Putting Green Simulation System Indoor/outdoor Practice Mat is 3 1/2' W x 10' L. $75, The world first head-to-head steady hand puzzle game. Select date and duration of the reservation, 1. The only games that can be rented are those with a “demo” sticker on the box.