America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants of 2019, Wine Enthusiast's 2019 Wine Star Award Winners, California Privacy Rights Do Not Sell My Information. Recommended. The nose is juniper, angelica, and citrus. Boy Im thinking of buying some gin after all these reviews. Highly recommended, Very Good This is my favorite traditional style gin. Unscrew that adorable bowler-hat bottle top, and a warm fragrance of orange peel, cinnamon-cassia, juniper and licorice wafts out. But in truth, I'm not a big gin drinker until Summer heat and a cool mountain breeze call for G&T. Only made a martini with it so far, but I could see it being useful in any cocktail. I will definitely have to give it a try. If you like Gordon's, but want to pay more for some reason and don't mind a harsher spirit... you'll probably like Broker's. I find this an interesting gin, I like Beefeaters but this is way more complex. Great for a no nonsense dry martini. Bottle: Nice simple design, with a small hat that my cat found amusing, could of improved design if the hat was an actual cork. Then again, as an old buddy in the automobile industry always said, "There's an a$$ for every seat." That stuff is amazing. I have been partial to Bombay Sapphire for martinis. - ancient33w up voted your review on 2019-11-05. Suitable for everyday consumption; often good value. . but I'm sticking to my guns. - BDanner up voted your review on 2016-03-02. Thank You! Taste: Body is so thick it could be mistaken for an oil or glycerin when it hits your lips. Ratings reflect what our editors felt about a particular product. To the both of us it was just alcohol. Not bad, but another "modern" gin lacking in typical juniper forward flavor... as I recall. Conniption is a real martini banger, though. Classic juniper heavy flavor profile. Broker’s Gin is batch distilled using traditional botanicals such as juniper, coriander seed, cinnamon, cassia bark, liquorice, orris root, orange and lemon peel, angelica root and nutmeg. And the suggestion that it dethrones Beefeater borders on heresy and gave me a touch of the vapors when I read it. I always enjoy and respect KaiserSoze's reviews, but this time I have to disagree. - chumppunk up voted your review on 2018-12-03. Thanks chumppunk, will be on the lookout for it! Sure, the hat is a cute touch, but I don't think Broker's has a lot else going for it. A great value to boot. This just dethroned Beefeater as my house gin. - WhiskeyFunatic up voted your review on 2019-02-27. It is great martini gin 5/1 with Martini and Rossi Dry Vermouth and straight. Based on your review I bought a bottle, today. - BDanner up voted your review on 2019-02-26. My uncle used to buy this brand all the time so for a while a bunch of bottles in my bar had matching hats. - Tango up voted your review on 2019-11-05. You now have FREE access to nearly 300,000 wine, beer and spirit reviews. The pinnacle of quality, Superb Kara Newman. Ugh. Currently, my "gin library" holds a couple dozen brands--while I've started to cycle back to purchase some brands again. - KaiserSoze up voted your review on 2019-05-05. Agree with StevenSauce, clean alcohol. Notes:Made in a 200 year-old gin distillery outside London- triple-distilled spirit is used to macerate/steep the ingredients which are then distilled a 4th time in a copper pot still. I tried Sutlers a while back, and wasn't awfully impressed. Very classic profile: Juniper, floral notes, citrusy, medium intensity, clean alcohol. Welcome to! A gin I would consider buying after all the rave reviews. - robertwayne64024 up voted your review on 2019-08-13. I seem to be in the minority about the cap, I love it.