Here you’ll find tips and tricks for doing this professionally, fast and easy. This way you’ll avoid skipped stitches! Set the stitch length to F-4. Your new sewing machine comes with DVD or printed Manual meant to help you set up your Brother Sewing Machine. But, if you are embroidering on some heavyweight materials, use a 90/14 needle instead of a 75/11 needle because it may break and hurt you! (Opening new window. Check the position of the bobbin case following the manual. If you don’t have everything you were told, contact the customer support and see what to do next! To make sure your projects are done quickly, easily and with quality, you must have an adequate needle! There is a line on the handle-just turn it to the top. CleaningOilingHow to care and maintenance (Video FAQs) The thread then goes through the needle and the hole in the bottom of the foot. Select a straight stitch. Setting up the sewing machine [Video instructions] Video instructions for "Setting up the sewing machine ". ), BB370, BM2800, BM3700, BM3730, BM3850, GX37, LX2500, LX2763, LX3850, PS100, SB170, SM2700, SM3701, XB2500, XB2510, XL2800, XL3700, XL3850, XL5600i, XM2701, XM2800, XM3700, XM3710, XR3774, XR53, XS37. The thread must be wounded around the bobbin equally. This can be dangerous since the needle could break while you are sewing and hurt you! If you did everything you should check for: This is often a problem but luckily for us easy to solve! Don’t worry, most of us had this problem. You’ll also need to remove bobbin casing making sure that the thread is going in an anti-clockwise direction. Go to the Top page in the FAQs & Troubleshooting section. Then, following the diagrams move the thread. One of the most important (if not the most important) part of the sewing machine is the needle. Take your empty bobbin and wrap the cotton around it a few times to stop it from coming up. AccessoriesHow to use (Video FAQs)Others Now, when the bobbin is full, snip the thread, release the bobbin from the bobbin holder and bring that back down to the needle! That’s why I’ll lead you through the setup process, step by step. Yup, this happens often, too. Most Brother Sewing Machines come with printed or DVD manual but even if there isn’t one, go to Brother’s webpage where you’ll find manuals for all types of their sewing machines! If you do this carefully and with precision, you won’t have trouble. Re-thread the top thread making sure the threading line indicator on the handwheel is positioned to the top and that foot is raised. You don’t have to use the most expensive one, but you should avoid low-quality threads just because they’re cheap. It may seem complicated at first sight, but trust me-It’s not. If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: Go to the Contact Us section; Related Models. When you are doing this, you need to make sure that the lever arm is in its highest available position. Also, there is a whole bunch of accessories that come along. After you have checked everything (and everything seems ok) you can start setting up your sewing machine. The product or components shown in this video may differ from the ones that you are using. If you want to know if more, check out some of our amazing articles on sewing machines. Top loading bobbin-the thread needs to go around it in an anti-clockwise direction (we talked about this). When you finish this you can place it onto the bobbin holder. And, if you bump into a problem that hasn’t been described, Brother Industries have customer support that will help you find a solution. The Complete Guide. Problems during sewingSewing result It holds the thread in place. Check the tension. You will use fine needles on some lightweight fabrics and a thicker one on heavyweight fabrics. Foot-on mechanical machines it needs to be lowered before sewing. First, ensure the threading line indicator on the handwheel is in its top position. Let’s go through the steps of setting up your brother sewing machine: Now, let’s see how to thread the machine. Click on the image to play the video instructions. Take the scissors or a pen to help you move the thread to the back. Take it out from the package. There is a small metal arm and what you want is the thread to just tuck under. The accessories we’ve mentioned are usually: a foot pedal, spare needles, spare bobbins, and a screwdriver. What to keep in mind when it comes to sewing needles? The most important thing is to set up your Brother Sewing Machine the right way, following the instructions. Upper Threading. Use good quality threads. One Point Advice If it’s too low, reset it to number 4. Raise it and make sure the fabric moves forward. Optional feet (Video)General sewing accessories (Video)Maintenance (Video)Sewing (Video)Preparation (Video) Install the zigzag presser foot. General Information Attach the power cord side of the machine and plug the power in. 1. I know I’ve already repeated this but it’s really important. 3. * This movie is being streamed from YouTube. Before you start sewing and using a needle, put it on some flat surface and make sure it’s not bent! Most machines come in a hard carrying bag. Don’t forget to check the warranty. - For twin needle sewing, always set at M. 4.