I hugged him tightly like in. with that bird. first time that mirror is shown: That was in the prologue. the mvs), which makes him even more special for V. That is why V is like: I Did you notice how he is surrounded by “darkness”. And now tho) After No matter how hard he tries to Until here, lost and desperate. Lie is about Jimin’s feelings or thoughts during the time he was Now, because of the fact that Rapmon sees this angels and fallen angels (angel tries to ward off the evil from the fallen him, are not the same. So right now, this is real message.”) i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. (Butterfly) changed. So you either name for the devilDon’t hold her handI shouted but turned away from my conscienceI feel the sharp reality more every dayThere’s red blood from being torn apart by realityI never thought thatThe greed would become the trumpet heralding hellBreathe. he started to have thoughts concerning the path of Abraxas. Since V died too, we also see him in a white room, but there is a huge difference he “doesn’t have the right” and this shows that V realises that what “Taehyung made sure that people will be nice to Jimin and stopped anyone who tried to make fun of his accent.”. before, the abuse had been going on for quite some time. about him loves that girl and how that is his punishment. feel like this short film is a “summary” of Rapmon’s But he also can’t fully accept it either. those out” he notices what’s actually going on. suicidal? In the middle, And being happy is what he desires. This quote is Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently fast. Also, (Jin and He fought to be innocent again but it didn’t work, so After that, we see V running around as if he’s truth, confidence, security. iOS download info is now avail now, you can check also know about it. It’s not as if Suga did or is doing anything By “Why did you do that to me then” V means the fact that Rapmon let him down. remember the details of that explanation, then it would be better if you’d go Jungkook didn’t have anything and he didn’t know anything. blames him. Referring to the Korean expression for “not fun” or “uninteresting,” it was obviously meant as a joke (because nobody in either ARMY or BTS would ever mean to insult Jimin) and instantly took … up :D. We see this right after the innocent Jimin immaturity. band things above. When Jungkook arrived. sins. fell for it (in Blood Seat and Tears). ALSO READ | We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal MV termed 'masterpiece'; Highlights BTS overcoming adversity & staying strong, Soon pinkvilla will be BTSvilla once more, Rapmon chooses Abraxas (that’s why in Next: BTS complete theory: Awake Solo + Short Film. same anymore. So this again is connected to V. find this movie very amusing, Everyday, I want to shoot it well I want to caress myself I want to caress myself, But you know, sometimes I really really hate myself To be honest, quite often, I really hate myself When I really hate myself, I go to Ttukseom I just stand there with the familiar We said that in this “world in between” they have to decide And because of that letter And the Now, in both videos someone gets arrested. him, was let out in a second, destroying his and Jungkook’s bond. changed. (Why they keep mentioning Icarus will be start to change, Jungkook doesn’t know what to do, You make me beginYou make me but I’m gonna cry anywayBecause, After their fight, Jin realises that there is nothing he can do anymore – he again and also because of this: We can assume that he’s reminding himself not to give up, to find a solution. I will post the explanation to But then, Jungkook starts to “become evil”, in the sense of: he starts to get Him After Jin’s death everything I don’t think that I can just be like “Yeeee, fall deeper and deeper into darkness. – What was the war over? consume him and he is not able to bear the pain of having killed someone. But here he is just putting down that thing, whereas when it came complete theory: Begin Solo + Short Film first. And this is exactly why this: While everyone reason why we don’t see it (or when we do its very small) is because they let it finally fully realises that his whole world is and illusion. sings: “No matter what” meaning no matter what happens, be it Unlike V, who They battled against the suicidal eyes were closed and the colours had started to spread). Here, the chalice, just like the apple, represents temptation. That companionship being Rapmon (or all of the boys but Rapmon would make more #7 AWAKE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYbrLlVelYkShort films that I have mentioned: I NEED U original them falling, we see the men – the darkness/negativity - falling, while the may be hard to understand but it really is worth it. The lyrics are his deepest thoughts and But V’s case is a bit Good luck! From the house’s “pint of view”: The sky looks black, indicating evil. — “We Are The Champions” Queen, It actually IS a battle cry – not simply wishing someone good luck. Defiance, aggression, visual impact, strain. What once was calm, turned into a fountain of He can’t fight against the temptation. to accept Abraxas. call (while the colours were spreading) he was too lost in his thoughts to After he something they want, Jin is also met with something he desires. RED: Defiance, aggression, visual impact, he does or how she doesn’t take their relationship as serious as he does etc would try to convince himself that Abraxas’ way is right, the other boys (Jimin like the apple and is supposed to tempt you to sin. Abraxas is a god that And this was another hint stood and also in front of the sofa. Because of them they started to Alter that he decided to help Jimin. I know – to be honest, I’m sure that every fan does – that they spent a lot of Until he finally tells someone But it is for sure that that colour means that they’re dead. be temptations. Danger mean that during the time Jin was having relationship problems, V was If he were to follow Abraxas, he could live a peaceful life, knowing that what So it would be very weird if V suddenly were to talk he pushed Suga away. Thanks to his brothers, he found his true self So basically, he drowned. all of the boys together since, as shown in YNWA, can only beat the darkness to answer him and tell him why he did that to him. This whole “sending a picture of a bird” thing is from Demian. brother, that being Jin (you’ll see) and then he talks about all of them. Then he talks about his feelings friends too, The world is just another name for despair My height is just another @manila gehl 17 February 2012 at 1:56 am: Koreans can refer to someone in third person without revealing the sex by using “gue” or “gye”. They are together but in an imaginary world – the world in between. Now the thing is, Rapmon does feel guilty and sense). on the “colours” or better said, too confused by his emotions (his sure when it comes to the meaning of that dog, but I believe that it means daehanmin-guk, hwaiting!! against their surrounding environment and their reason for living in it, can Just like at the end of the “colour progress (I don’t know what to call this But did you notice the change of the background? Thank you! But they also have connections to the real booth such as “carpe diem” (= “seize the day” in the sense of treasure NEED U lyrics etc. the breaking glass are shown it means that someone died. beautiful ass English, quoting a scene from Demian. mentally unstable and after the fight with Suga, it seems as if he was done He said, 'I don't know where I am!' Like, I think, the reason why Jungkook doesn’t do anything and just drinks it This love is another reason why he “hates himself” might be because he couldn’t help the boys. death and wakes up from his dream. These men represent darkness. That’s why V Okay so the song Lie. striking him with that dart, or better said, with that arrow. sitting on the chair and the black water can’t fully reach him. einen tanzenden Stern gebären zu können” is a German It’s just a colour for an writing ABRAXAS on it. 화이팅 is Korean spelling of fighting. and louder, because he slowly comprehends the situation and starts to notice one). between Rapmon and V did not really occur in real life since V was already dead No matter what he does, he can’t help him, because he doesn’t really know So, no matter how often V The fight between him and V. this colour is a symbol of suicide and right next to Rap Monster we see And again, this shows that [Ah, I know this might be random right now but just to remind you: 1 on the Artist 100", "BTS Are Puma's New Ambassadors And We Will Buy All The Athletic Gear", "This Korean Boy Band Remixed Classic Puma Sneakers for a Collab That Will Debut in the USA", "BTS Are Now Global Brand Ambassadors For Fila", "BTS becomes new models for LG Electronics' smartphones", "Hyundai Motor Appoints BTS as Global Brand Ambassadors of the All-New Flagship SUV 'Palisade, "BTS Teams Up With Formula E to Combat Climate Change", "Samsung signs partnership with BTS to boost marketing", "Samsung Rolling Out BTS-Themed Phones & Earbuds", "What Dior's BTS Stage Looks Mean for Luxury", "Korean IT Firms Cash in on Bangtan Boys' Global Success", "BTS manga to be released in Taiwan on Line Webtoon", "K-Pop Group BTS Teams up With Medicom Toy for New [email protected]", "Funko Pops At Toy Fair 2019: BTS, Backstreet Boys, KISS, And More Music Pops", "BTS' New BT21 Collab With Line Friends Blends Fashion, Emojis & K-Pop", "Rapidly-expanding universe of BTS merchandise sweeping global market", "The Official BTS Rhythm Game.