The rider and his horse are depicted in a set of ammunition as if they are performing in a knightly tournament or participating in a battle. In 1968, the text part became predominant, so the horse rider is reduced to a miniature size. They removed the “Of” article from the lower inscription, emphasizing the word “London.” This was necessary for the visual purity of the small label or label, where all parts should be visible. On the rider’s head is a helmet with a large feather, and in his hands is a spear and a shield. Several types of the typeface are used in different versions of the logo. In order to distinguish its products from cheap imitations, Thomas Burberry registered the Equestrian Knight logo in 1909, although it appeared for the first time in 1901. The Burberry Equestrian Knight Logo was first used in 1901 after Burberry was commissioned to design a new uniform for British army officers. 1967 saw this trademark plaid being used in accessories such as umbrellas and scarves. The rider was fully ammunition, and in his hands, he held a shield and a spear with a flag on which was written “Prorsum.”. The new minimalistic Burberry emblem stated the brand name in all caps followed by smaller “LONDON ENGLAND” below it. 0. The difference between them is only in size. The knight was placed above the inscription, in the area of ​​the protruding leg “t,” over which the horse jumps. The new Burberry emblem was quite radical since it did away with the age old “Equestrian Knight” and named the label in a bolder and more contemporary font. Tesla Logo Meaning: Cat Nose or Motor Cross Section? The word “Burberry” is used both on its own and in conjunction with the phrase “London, England,” written in elegant italics. In a sense, the brand took the well-traveled path of minimalistic design approach followed by Louis Vuitton, Céline, Tom Ford, Fendi or Chanel. It is renowned for its plaid and trendy luxury goods, which it sells in its 500 boutiques. A redesign in 1999 balanced all the elements of the logo. Thomas Burberry – the founder of Burberry – invented the waterproof fabric in 1879 and it turned out to be quite a game changer from the then popular mackintosh raincoats which were heavy and movement restricting. The English fashion brand Burberry was started in 1856 and as a brand with a legacy of over 100 years, it has seen a number of business cycles. The equestrian stands for nobleness and honor while the shield refers to protection. The English fashion brand Burberry was started in 1856 and as a brand with a legacy of over 100 years, it has seen a number of business cycles. The drawn image of a knight on horseback occupied the entire space of the logo. In a way, the brand’s first experiment in nearly 20 years, was a balanced approach of ditching a globally well-known design element (Equestrian Knight) and bringing up something from the archives (Monogram). If you like what we do, please show us some love and share our posts on social media. The symbols in the logo are lowercase, with the first capital letter.