Some people will describe buying a house as an “investment” because on paper people often sell homes for more than they bought them after a few years of ownership.

By now, you will have paid $31,716 in payments. You might take a loss and you might still owe some money on the original loan, but hey at least your not getting fined by BMW for breaking your lease! BMW used to build ultimate driving machines. Repair costs are often non-existent with leases, which is music to my ears if I am looking at a BMW.

For most people, the “what if” future value of the car is enough to scare them into leasing. It also ignores the fact that the benefits of leasing varies greatly from model to model and month to month.

The dealer will typically charge you for damages not covered in your lease. You will be subject to whatever the interest rates are 3 years down the road, in case you choose to finance the buyout. In addition to our available BMW lease incentives, here are a few more benefits you’ll discover when deciding to lease: In a short-term scenario-a scenario in which you need a BMW for only a few years-leasing, a car is a clear-cut winner. I should also note that although this article is oriented toward BMWs, it’s logic is applicable to other luxury car brands such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Jaguar, etc.

It’s a depreciating asset!

What if I want a new car every 3 or 4 years before my warranty expires? Then again, maybe I don’t want to own a depreciating liability.

The average American driver puts about 12,000 miles on their car each year so this mileage limitation is not an issue for most people. With my E46s I pop in the new battery and away I go.

So what do they know that the rest of us don’t? So, you’re venturing into the “buying vs. leasing” stage of your BMW search?

Even if you are making payments on a car you purchased you can sell it, not so much with leasing. Stop into our showroom at 11286 Tamiami Trl N in Naples, FL, to view our new BMW vehicles up close and personal. You don’t have to worry about any excess mileage penalties, drive the car from New York to California and back, no one is stopping you! Very few badges in the world offer better resale values than BMW’s. Some of the mechanical components and trim look like they’d pass for something off Korea’s brand offerings. Funny how BMW vehicles were supposed to get oil changes every 5k-7.5k miles but after BMW started picking up the tab the engines could suddenly go for 15k miles before “needing” an oil change. For the sake of this story I’m going to take a normally equipped 2011 BMW 535i, a model that sells very well and has been credited in the BMW’s best first quarter earnings in the history of the company.

I’m the easily bored type and can’t wait to get a new car. Before you hit the buy button and drive that vehicle off the lot you might want to think about how... A Better BMW is a blog dedicated to helping readers with BMW repairs, and aftermarket product reviews. We'll look at three different scenarios at three years, six years and nine years to see how the situation changes with time. To finance the same BMW 535 with a $10,000 down payment would leave you with a payment of $881 for 60 months at 4.9% interest. Leaving myself exposed to a future “what if” trade in value, or worse, having to slap a “For Sale” sign on my prized possession and having to subject myself to would be buyers poking and prodding at my BMW. Of course when a driver knows he/she will be out of the car in three years, they don’t connect with the car nor maintain it like they would if they owned. BMW has a “War On Maintenance” ever since they started offering free maintenance for 4y/50k miles.

If you are someone that has commitment issues with long term automotive relationships, than leasing is likely an excellent option for you.

But then again, what OEM isn’t struggling with these issues…. E60 5 series and e90’s are falling apart. Are you someone that likes to tinker with your vehicles and maybe add some performance upgrades here and there? Trade it and hope I kept the car clean enough that it’s worth the $20,500? Manny, thanks for the great topic, educational. I wonder if there would be any interest in compiling a survey of the repairs that people have had to do on their respective BMW. I have to agree with the Chicago-based reader, we are getting killed here, between luxury tax and the high city taxes, Chicago is the worst place to lease something.

This 535i is representative of what most customers are buying. After all, no one knows what the future holds and how the used car market will look like. If you have no intention in buying the car, then your only exposure was $27,756 in payments for borrowing this new BMW 535 for 3 years. However, the reason I saw your post was in following from an IBM post that I saw – please see the following link, keen to hear your views;,, I was one time wondering whether to Finance or Lease, but since I know that I can still trade in my car which is under lease, I would never go for finance. Go for a $3,000+ extended warranty? I’d agree with the fact that ridiculous repair costs are the real factor driving resale values downward.

The average car lease is three years with some variation, some are closer to four years and I have seen some as short as two years.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'abetterbmw_com-box-3','ezslot_6',115,'0','0'])); Leasing has become an increasingly popular choice for luxury vehicle owners and an increasingly important staple for luxury vehicle manufacturers. Without mileage restrictions.

Don’t even get me started on the lack of manual transmissions in BMW vehicles…. A few years ago I would have told you that I thought it was a waste of time to lease luxury cars unless you planned on putting one in a music video (haha). Required fields are marked *. Not only does leasing award you with complete convenience in the form of fewer maintenance requirements and more upgradeability, but it also comes with lower monthly payments. It’s been my 20+ years of experience in the auto business that tells me unless you plan to keep this car for 5 years or longer, leasing is the way to go.

Back to my point…    If you don’t drive lots of miles every year and you can stay under the 10-15k miles per year that leasing permits, you’d be a fool to buy a new car with how much it’s going to cost to repair it 5-10 years from now. If you’re the type of car owner who just loves to drive around Bonita Springs or Ft. Myers, leasing a BMW (or any car) comes with many advantages, which might be why more than 50% of BMW drivers choose this option over purchasing.

Leasing is an easier way to acquire a car and keep it for a short period of time.

10K miles goes really fast with a long commute.

For these reasons my advice to lease does not extend past BMWs and other luxury cars with similar depreciation and maintenance issues. As for the ever changing BMW lease promotions; i had to pick one car and base the example on it.

The MSRP of the example I’m using is $59,125  (see below the build sheet from BMWUSA for explanation of options included). The biggest difference between a 2020 3 Series BMW and a 2000 3 Series BMW in my opinion is that the 2020 has an enormous load of technology updates, forget voice activated controls and BMW personal assistants, BMW is now experimenting with advanced autonomous driving technologies that are turning these vehicles into roving supercomputers.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'abetterbmw_com-box-4','ezslot_12',118,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'abetterbmw_com-box-4','ezslot_13',118,'0','1'])); How are these additional sensors, switches and modifications going to perform after two or three years or 40,000 miles? Can’t do it with a leased BMW, but if you own it you can do whatever you want to your BMW as long as it’s still street legal.

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The monthly payment is comprised of principal depreciation plus a use charge (Interest). These are the “What ifs” that uncertainty bring. I continue to maintain in this article, as I have in others, that it makes the most financial sense to buy a used BMW with a few years of age and mileage on it.

While the fact is true that modern BMWs scare me once warranty expires (and I work for them), i think the “modernization” of BMW is a main source of it’s maintenance troubles.

Leasing in some ways is specially designed for millennials, or at least young, unmarried people. The problem with this analysis is that it doesn’t document the moving parts of the lease (money factor, residual, multiple security deposits etc.). You are borrowing the full purchase price of the vehicle with a BMW Financial Services set “buy- out”. Alternatively, you may consider a high-mileage lease, which typically have a limit between 18,000-20,000 miles however the monthly lease payments will be higher. 2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV - The best X3 to buy?

BMW really pushes its lasing program and part of the way it does this is through it’s special lease-only offers. *Thumbs Up*. But being labeled as a BMW owner is just one perk of buying an Ultimate Driving Machine. So why not rent the thing for a few years and then get rid of it?! I’ll be using a sale price of $56,500 for calculating the finance and lease figures. Thanks to impressive residual and resale values on BMW models old and new, you can make a good portion of your initial investment back when selling back to our Naples dealership or another private buyer. Electrical components fail way prematurely and cost $1000’s to fix on every repair visit. You never owned it, you built no equity. Most of my points already made — reliability is way down, which drives down residual value, which in turn drives the argument for leasing. Your email address will not be published. In April Leasing a M3 convertible was an outstanding deal. What will my insurance company give me for it versus what I still owe on it? The new board took whatever remaining control the engineers had away in pursuit of making everyone in the world a BMW driver. If the car’s trade value isn’t worth the buyout, give it back. Thanks for your question Marek.

The problem is, everyone in the world shouldn’t be a BMW driver. If you do buy out the lease, you will have paid $62,048. What about cars? Nor do they want to be.

Total of payments with interest and down payment; $62,860. If you find that you no longer need the vehicle and you want to cancel the lease you will likely find that cancelling a lease early can be costly. Young children destroy interiors and the dealer will make you pay for it. The argument whether or not you should own your car has gone on for years and years. That equity you are building is in a fast-depreciating asset that you may very well end up owning more than what you sell it for.

The payment is comprised of principal and interest. Now they use them because they sell them to poseurs who race from stoplight to stoplight all while cooling their ass with their ventilated seats while updating their facebook status via iDrive’s new BMW Apps option.