Read more: Where the Celts come from and have lived for 3,000 yearsBooks. Martin came to US or Cornwall Canaday area. Minor roads and tracks. I’ll add it to our watchlist and lets see what comes up! Although we don't have absolute proof, these have long been recognized by a number of scholars as a branch, of the Menapii, a tribe of the Belgae of northern Gaul located about the mouth of the Rhine who fiercely resisted, Caesar until 54 B.C. Go raibh mait agat. Collett I don’t know! This is amazing research Mike! Will it be available for Kindle type devices? However – many English names were “pegged” to Irish names over the centuries. My paternal family came from Mullagh, Co Cavan. I am sure it is because of a broken heart. Mike. 2. Hi My Maiden Nme is Sheen.. Any info you may have regarding the Sheen Family would be highly appreciated… Many Thanks.. Hi Patricia Where did the surname Winston originate? Can’t wait t get your book in November. Mike. Tacitus talks of the Silures' "natural ferocity "... but neither severity nor clemency converted the Silurian tribe, which continued the struggle and had to be repressed by the establishment of a legionary camp." Maybe i am a little slow, but where does the name BURKE come in please?? My surname, McGinty, seems to have been a smaller tribe as it is rarely mentioned in these heritage books. Vindelici Proper – a tribe to the north of the Upper Danube. Hi Mike, The ONLY thing we have handed down is “they CAME from County Galway, Ireland and the family *farmed/lived* on an estate called either Briefield or Brierfield.” OH…some of them were very musical and played guitar and violin and they were Roman Catholic. Hi Pamela – thanks for sharing. Photo: Cahergal Stone Fort, Cahersiveen, Co Kerry, Roberta Photography. This was called O’Rahilly’s historical model and gives us some understanding of Ireland’s Celts. Changing IT from English to French/Spanish/Italian. All the best – Mike. They divided their lands up with each being ruled by different kings. These appear to be the Ulaid, whose capital was at Emain Macha (called 'Navan Fort' in English) in what is now Co. Armagh. Thanks, Clare. Please do leave your comments and questions at the end of this post! I would like to read your books and see what is says about the family lines to hopefully get a better understanding of how they moved around, so I am hoping your book is going to tell stuff like that. The first group of Celts that arrived in Ireland approximately 700BC were named Priteni. From the scottish surname Darroch – this would also be found in County Down and Antrim. you have indeed put in many hours of work to educate us…thank you. Hello Michael. Limerick and northern Tipperary. Mike. Just read this info and wondering where Fermanagh fits into the tribal areas? I found Long but did not see Trotter anyway. First published: Sat, Apr 27, 2013, 05:00. Transitional people between Celts and Italics? Later they became known as the Fir Manach. On McCarthy – they were (and still are) very prominent in County Kerry and Cork. Indoeuropeos y no Indoeuropeos en la Hispania Prerromana, Salamanca: Universidad, 2000. Anyway, my maiden name is Evoy. Alberro, Manuel and Arnold, Bettina (eds.). Could you confirm this and \or tell me more? I do believe his mother was a Kane. we done some searching on my great great grandfathers parents who came from ireland we cannot find out who they were. Ann. Often found in Counties Galway and Limerick. Any Thoughts? Continental Celts were the Celtic peoples that inhabited mainland Europe. I see the MacCorcoran surname originated in Tuadmumu and the O’Corcoran surname in Breifne. The oldest ancestor we have found is Moses Tobin was 1700’s and his son Martin Tobin 1784. Mike. Romans initially organized the Peninsula in two provinces (later in three): Also, I believe that a 5th gr grandmother’s maiden name was Huroisk but I can’t find anything about that name. Must add that too. I raise Irish Setters and have a Facebook page called I have read the registry above and was not able to find our family name from Ireland. They were bordered by the Brigantes to the North, the Cornovii to the West, the Dobunni and Catuvellauni to the South, and the Iceni to the East. When she got married, I wondered how her family considered themselves more of Scottish descent than Irish. In the British Isles, there were at least two dialects in use: Brittonic (P-Celtic) which was spoken in southern Britain and France, and Goidelic (Q-Celtic) which … Each person I spoke with regarding Carroll origins had something different to say. My great grandfather had come to America and had served in the Army during the time of Chief Joseph, if the family story holds true. Our family is said to have come to Virgina first when immigrating. Hi Mike, The Atrebates share their name with a tribe in pre-Roman Gaul (France). I can’t remember the county. They eventually became the Monaig/Manaig in Uí Echach Ulad (west Co. Down) and. I know that the original spelling for McElhaney is Mac Giolla Chainnigh. Mike. I have been told that the Carroll surname has origins in Birr which I visited recently hoping to turn up something on my ancestor Michael Carroll. Now aren’t you glad you asked! A bit too late for your 1150 date? It is believed to br tracable also through Heber to line of Shem. Hi, I have a question. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!! I’ve found it difficult to find info on its origins. My Mother’s surname is Collins, and I can’t see where it comes from. In last week’s newsletter we introduced Turlough O’Connor – High King of Ireland up to 1156. This is the ancient book that O'Donnell took to the court of Spain, trying to strengthen the ties between the two countries. County Kildare ? The O’Farrellys were associated with Drumlane Abbey, Co Cavan, as abbots and earlarbs about a thousand years ago, and moved later to the southeast corner of Co. Cavan. I know it’s English, but we think, from some records, that her family may have migrated to theUSA from Ireland. The area I grew up was called Darragh Ennis, County Clare, any idea where it came from? Her father had been born and raised in Scotland. The settled in Munster and gradually became more powerful and dominant in the province. Hispania Citerior ("Nearer Hispania", "Hispania that is Closer", from the perspective of the Romans), was a region of Hispania during the Roman Republic, roughly occupying the northeastern coast and the Iberus (Ebro) Valley and later the eastern, central, northern and northwestern areas of the Iberian peninsula in what would become the Tarraconensis Roman province (of what is now Spain and northern Portugal). Hi Scott – when found in Ireland, Lowry can be a Scottish planter name. Hello Mike, I have the same road block on my Tree, I have back to Moorefield Cross Roads, Galway, Ireland. Do you know anything about the “Red Gate”? One each of their children married in Louisville, Ky in 1901. They spoke Goidelic (an Insular Celtic language of the Q Celtic type. Keating is a Norman name that arrived in Ireland in the 1200s and settled mostly in the counties of Wexford and Kilkenny. (Rotatebot / Public Domain ) 3. Mike. Mike. Do you have any thoughts on this, most appreciated it you do! Hi Mike! Now, I know I’m being a bit of a devil by suggesting that the source for both of these is Wikipedia – but you do need to be careful of what you read on the internet – specially on Wikipedia! Anglesey, or Mona as it was then known, was a stronghold of the Druids. I don’t see one of my family names, Delaney, on here anywhere. I did not know about the island of Inis Ni, but will look into it out of curiosity if nothing else. My son in law has the surname Irish. Ptolemy reported that a branch of the Brigantes was located in the southeast of Ireland. I notice tha the name “Carroll” appears within several of the tribes. Hi Marcey – sounds great – I’m glad to hear that you had such a great time!