Ensaladang Pako. Chicken Tinola. Chicken is cooked with potatoes, carrots, and tomato sauce. 5. 10 Must-Eat Healthy Filipino Food. 3. … Tanigue Kinilaw. Ginisang Ampalaya. Sigarilyas (winged bean) in coconut milk, chilis and lean ground beef or pork. This one is perfect! 4. Technically gising gising means Wake up! Need a recipe for a light dinner? Try this refreshing, heart healthy drink that uses fresh fruit, fat-free milk, and low. Wake up! Chicken recipes . Cantaloupe Crush. 3. If removed of its skin (which contains fats and bad cholesterol) is a healthy ingredient of some delicious and healthy Filipino dishes: a. Adobo- Chicken marinated and cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, and seasoned with salt, pepper and sugar to taste. … in ... 2. b. Afritada with pineapple. Gising Gising. Fish and Vegetables with Tausi. 1.