This classic Italian lasagna recipe is made with creamy Ricotta, shredded Mozzarella, and a hearty meat marinara sauce. ( Log Out /  So I was searching online for possible dinner ideas. Reserved. Please note that this batch was tiny and I did not have a lot of Alfredo sauce so my recipe probably could’ve used more sauce. Whole Wheat Lasagna Noodles (Used 6 all together) Add 1/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese and stir until melted. The milk, egg, and flour form a quiche-like top layer. Season the chicken on both sides with the cumin and adobo seasoning. Allrecipes has more than 30 trusted chicken lasagna recipes complete with ratings, reviews, and cooking tips. Top each with ½ of a noodle. Scroll to bottom for printable recipe card. It has lots of flavor and it’s easier and faster to prepare by using no-boil oven ready lasagna noodles. It's gonna be one of those nights. Loosely tent pan with foil and bake for 45 minutes, then remove foil and bake another ten minutes, allowing cheese to brown. This is very easy to prepare and uses “no cook oven ready” noodles. Hi and welcome to my blog. Then I came across chicken Alfredo lasagna and I was set. ( Log Out /  Once the chicken is fully cooked take it out of the water and shred it. Create a free website or blog at Need a dessert to go with it? Lasagna with Grilled Chicken and Spinach is a true treat for the taste buds! Place in the oven for approximately 40 minutes. 1 chicken breast ½ cup Alfredo you can use 1 cup to 1½ cup Chicken Alfredo Lasagna For Two. I love Lasagna but usually when I make it I have so much left over. Allow to cool for 5 minutes before serving. No longer is lasagna only for a crowd—this recipe is made for two. ¼ cup Frozen Spinach 1 Tbsp. Your own personal serving means cheesy, bubbly cooked edges (that's the best part)! Click for two 18.6 ounce oven safe baking dishes. Try these Individual Lasagnas with Mexican Seasoned Chicken or this Tonkatsu with Homemade […], Taco Salad in Edible Bowls Recipe for Two • Zona Cooks, […] Grilled Mexican Season Chicken Individual Lasagna […]. This disclosure pertains to all Amazon links. It was delicious with just enough of everything in the flavor department. 2 cup bag of shredded Mozzarella Direct quote from my husband “This may be the BEST lasagna I have ever had!”. So I was searching online for possible dinner ideas. This post contains affiliate links. I knew I had lasagna noodles and that was a great contender but I was not feeling the regular old red sauce. (Holiday Series). Mix half the Alfredo sauce, 1 cup of mozzarella, ricotta, spinach, Garlic and herb, Onion and herb, and chicken broth in a medium bowl. Looking for the perfect side dish recipe for your dinner or brunch? Italian Lasagna meets grilled Mexican seasoned chicken in this delicious and romantic dinner for two. of Mrs.Dash Garlic and Herb Categories: Then spread the rest of the mozzarella cheese on top. Shrimp Scampi Pasta Bake is a delicious, creamy and filling pasta dish packed with shrimp, Parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella cheese. This is very easy to prepare and uses “no cook oven ready” noodles. Stir in marinara sauce and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes, making sure sauce doesn't get too thick. Try these Key Lime Tarts or these Gooey Rice Krispie Treats. Saute onion and garlic in olive oil in a large skillet for a few minutes then add ground beef, oregano, basil salt and pepper and cook until beef is browned, breaking up any clumped meat.