Ive tried to get my ex to see kids he won’t he won’t pay for them either but pays £1800 just for his rent a month but he manages to avoid Csa every time all the do is send threatening letters of action but never actually do anything and it’s kids that lose out, I understand father for justice but where’s justice of just being able to walk out on kids no responsibility’s whatsoever where’s my rights as a mother to make sure my kids know there father I can’t force him to be in there lives or pay to help raise them no justice oh he left 10 years ago. I have never in the last 4 years, be able to buy clothes for my son. CMS won’t even consider all of the email contact proving such cases because there is no court order. and if so would you be willing to prove it? Wanna help me? The father of my child has informed CMS that he no longer works, when he is in fact self employed, he rents out a house, so has income from that every month, has his current home up for sale and owns a caravan which he rents out, (he sold the second caravan in March). How about this then. After CMS Carried our there investigate they recon I should pay less than £100 a month. There isn’t. I have said to CSA those who do not pay are liable to pay and to pay the arrears off. I still don’t think I’ll get my £5000 worth of arrears back. Following a review, the maintenance was increased which upset my ex who has now stopped contributing to the cost of childcare. Worst happens they get an enforcement order which means ‘unpaid work’. Only a fraction of that my kids actually see. Your family structure isn’t the only family structure out there. I will. It’s disgusting that so little is done about non paying parents. I am a father and I pay for my 17 year old son and have been for years. In other cases, self-employed parents are able to get away with under-reporting their income in order to reduce their payments. He is in and out of work as he does not want to pay CM, he has made no effort to meet me or my daughter or to even maintain a relationship with her over the phone. My DH pays out £420 a month and the mother is working and receiving full tax credits. Since the calculation is based on HRMC information, single parents often find themselves being passed back and forth between the two organisations, with neither taking responsibility for re-evaluating the calculation. It was then that I took the decision to set up a LTD company. The difference now, and maybe why it stands out to me so much, is that I now pay nearly as much for 1 child as I did for 3! Time spent with each parent over the remaining age of the child until 18. And I’m proud to. I just wanted to share the opinions of a responsible male. So CMS , what a joke.. My ex pays as and what he likes when he likes, initial telephone call I told them I was a victim of domestic abuse and financial abuse and wanted to go straight to collect and pay, he barely pays a penny towards her, keeps her clothes etc and acts like super dad of the century.. I’m now at doctors receiving vitamins jags as am undernourished living off hardly anything.. As all us parents know its them or us and we choose our children everytime.. CMS have aided his abuse of me. Can we get a petition to force mps to discuss in parliment? My husband lives in Pakistan, and he has given our daughter in total of £60 since she was born (she is now 2 and a half). Surely if the non resident parent who is self employed and chooses what they put as there income for Tax purposes which in turn makes their child maintenence figures low. If my children’s father says he earns less than £5 per week, it’s believed with no investigation, believe me I’ve tried. Whether it’s csa or cma it doesn’t help all them years you have had to do it all yourself does it. Ive been told its 2 separate cases, but this has no common sense. I have spoken to my ex employer who has made 3 payments to CMS I understand both parties can exploit the system but in this case the percentage of cases that go to variation are so few and require a ‘strong’ case to progress with, how have you been so unfortunate? They also said the whole time I challenged this they would not chase him for any arrears. Thankfully we’re now the other side, family home sold, finances resolved and children matters agreed… so I thought. I know he’s working a substantial amount of hours in the exact same company as myself and has been doing so for years! Hi, I am on the same boat, ex dodging maintenace whilst living a life beyond his means. They don’t have the resources to investigate individuals like my ex. Mothers who refuse children access to their father, Mothers who spend CMS on holidays,nails,clothes, alcohol,tobacco etc, Mothers who use payments as a “pay per view” sky tv method. To accept cookies, click continue. So if a man/woman was always successful and suddenly during the time of court proceedings he/she gives up his/her job in order not to pay child maintenance , the judge will order him/her to pay an amount based on what his/her abilities to earn are. I have to work 2 jobs to provide for OUR son and get penalised by getting less help and having to pay more taxes The CMS charged me to set up a case, I wonder what they are getting paid for? It’s a choice of pay CSA and not have enough money for petrol to go to work and earn an income. Some income is subjected to 40% tax so again, I lose 40% to the tax man but still get hit to pay on the gross amount, is that fair? They shut down my claim!!!! I told my ex and CMS to stick it I will continue to pay as much over the top as possible as I wouldn’t want my son to go with out!! “Up and down the country, loopholes in the child maintenance system are allowing parents to deny their children the essential support they need. Wake up world. She won’t do without. So this week I am resigning thinks to CMS. The system needs reform and that includes family law too! My partner has agreed to pay the other bills. They do not care about us at all and as far as they are concerned we are the problem and the receiving parents are angels! In clear-cut cases of evasion, a self-employed non-resident parent can fail to declare all their income. He has never paid a penny towards my child support in the past so this would be the first maintenance order for him. All the best x, This breaks my heart I’m in exact the same situation this could be me writing this x I’m just expecting the beeping of the electric meter to go off soon xx they are nothing but scum in my eyes x. Hi I have just read this and can relate as my ex husband did the same whilst living in the Middle East, he’s now back living round the corner from me and has our 5 children every other weekend but it’s all not as it seems.