Enter your active Debit/Credit Card Number, card expiry date and date of birth and the One-Time Password you will receive on your registered primary mobile number, and Citibank Online will display your registered User ID immediately. Please call us immediately on our 24-hour CitiPhone Banking Service +9714 3114000. To regain access, please make sure you are using the correct user ID, and then select the Forgot your password? You will receive an alert when you use your Credit Card for any purchases or ATM Cash withdrawal. Citibank Online gives you the power and convenience to perform most of your banking activities from the comfort of your home or office, any time of the day or night. Please click here for more details on One Time Password (OTP). You will receive an alert when your eBrokerage Order is rejected. Book your loan via Citi Mobile Appand get up to S$400 GrabFood Voucher*, Safeguard yourself and your lovedones with the right insurance solutions. The enriched version of this service with richer content and functionality will make your online experience even better. Select "First Time User? Whilst the online restriction remains in place you will have the option to call us if you need to request transactions or account servicing. You will be able to view your mobile number available in our records. You cannot opt out of this service. You will need to try again the next day. An Internet Banking User ID and Password (IPIN) are selected by you for first time login based on your debit card/credit card and other personal details to access your account online. In all cases, it will be made clear when a One Time Password is needed. You will receive an alert notifying you when your checking account is overdrawn. Change your mailing address, phone numbers and E-mail address. You can select the Forgot your password? * Standard online fees and charges apply as per the schedule of fees and charges. Please note this text is for illustrative purpose only. LEARN MORE; Electronic Statements and Advices. This six-digit password should be entered as soon as you receive it. To do this, click on “My Profile” and select “Manage Accounts/Customize Account Labels.”. Partially hiding account numbers and card numbers in our Citibank Online area is a security measure for protecting our customers’ private data. Alert will inform you at the time of redemption of a Time Deposit credit into your specific account. Because you can only complete certain actions by entering the One Time Password, it provides extra reassurance that you are the only person who can access and use your account. Reminder service for forgotten User ID and Password, Resetting and changing your user ID and Password, Adding, amending or deleting payee details, First time transfers to non-registered payees, Select option 1 for Credit Card or option 2 for Banking Account, Select option 6 to retrieve the One Time Password for the transaction you initiated on Citibank Online, Place permanent transfer orders to your credit card*. Login and start transacting on your Citibank account. Get User ID and Password to access your account online. You can proceed with unlocking your User ID by following the Password Reset steps by clicking on the Forgot your password? You will receive an alert once any amount is credited to your account through (Cash Deposit, Online Transfer etc.). You can change this anytime you wish. If you have entered the One Time Password incorrectly 3 times after you Sign On, your User ID will be blocked. These are the minimum and maximum amounts that you can pay online. Instead, if the One Time Password expires because you have waited too long, you will need to begin the action again and we will send you a fresh One Time Password. If you did not initiate this transaction, please call +9714 3114000 now. For your Credit Cards, you will be able to view your payment due dates and rewards points. We send the six-digit password to the mobile phone number that is shown on the screen that pops up when we ask you to provide the One Time Password. If you already have the desired account in the appropriate currency, you can link your debit card to any of these accounts whenever you want by clicking on the Link Account link at the top of your Homepage after you Login. bonus interest when you spend, invest, insure, borrow and save. LEARN MORE . You can give nicknames to your accounts to make them more easily distinguishable. The Service Center gives you even more control over how you manage your money. Alert will inform you post the Time Deposit Renewal. You will receive an alert when Direct Debit set up on your account was not successfully completed. You will receive an alert when your Supplementary Card (if any) is used for any purchases or ATM Cash withdrawal. You can set the account order and visibility on “My Citi” by clicking “My Profile” and selecting “Manage Accounts/Account Order and Visibility.” Alternatively, you can reach this menu directly from My Citi with the help of the “Manage Accounts Display” link above your account list. The screen to enter the One Time Password appears as below and you cannot proceed to the next page, or complete your action, until the correct One Time Password is entered into the box on the screen. Citibank Online gives you the power and convenience to perform most of your banking activities from the comfort of your home or office, any time of the day or night. In case you are near your computer, and are signed on to Citibank Online, go to the Service Center, select “Replace My Card” and follow the steps on the screen to have your card blocked and reissued. When will I need to use the One Time Password? Choose “Citibank Online Preferences” in the “My Profile” menu and click on the “Masking Account Information” item. For DEWA accounts, please enter the account number as the 10-digit Contract Account number mentioned on the top right side of your bill as illustrated below. If you entered an incorrect One Time Password more than three times, your access will be restricted from Citibank Online for 24 hours. To self-select your User ID and Internet Password (IPIN) now click here. In case of any difficulty in selecting a new IPIN, please contact our CitiPhone helpline. Now with the New Citibank Online, you can pay your Utility Bills from your Citibank Credit Card or Bank Account at no extra cost. Click here to learn more about Citi Mobile. A wide range of actions will require the One Time Password, including some of the activities mentioned below: With some of the actions above you will need to enter a new One Time Password each time you use them. You can select the User ID Reminder link on the Sign On page. Choose from over 100 Billers in India to pay your utility bills or insurance premium. Online Banking. Your One Time Password is a 6-digit code that will be sent in an SMS on you mobile number available in our records. We consider the security of our customer’s personal data a top priority here at Citi. *Please note this screen is for illustrative purposes only. If you are unable to receive the One Time Password on your mobile, you can easily retrieve it from CitiPhone Banking Service.