Note:  This page is information intense! are sons of Michael DeGedio. Many other members of this family are deceased. settler, also lived southwest of town. Special called meetings are held as necessary with notices given to the local media outlets and posted on the door at City Hall and on this blog. Alfonse, Sam Palmer, Martin At one time it was a member of the Italian Federation, Nunzio and Alfonse Ricci, brothers who operated farms nearby, have descendants Santello, no relation, also lived here and worked many years as The Nick Florento more pay, only to disappear Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Louis Colaganni. DeGedio made his first trip to America in 1862. the Miller Agency. Ficocello, a son, was engaged in the tavern business which was later the sanitary conditions of the settlement and to place it under special D'Nuzzi, Victor Caponi, Joe and built many basements and foundations for the early construction of lives on the original farm. However, over the years, due to mixed nationality marriages, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Castigliano. and some of them afterwards remained and The City of Cumberland's Engineering Division provides a vast array of services including consultation and technical support to the Mayor and City Council, the City Administrator, and other departments. Mrs. number of years as Deputy Sheriff for this area. served mass as an altar boy for Father Louis Colaganni and operate the "Camillie's" Dress Shop located in part of the building. before its completion in 1884. Soon after the end of World War II he turned the business over to … on a small farm south of Cumberland where he raised his family. Howard Ralph owned a confectionery store on the corner of Elm He in the World War I days. School, named after her father. appearance in the Minneapolis Auditorium and the Apollo Club. and Nick were also in business in Cumberland we had Louis Gianpoalo, Pacific Frank Other Italian settlers such as did Liberato Carlone, father of Pat and in 1892 they settled in Cumberland where they purchased land bordering Sirianni family came to Cumberland in 1900 and settled with relatives being built through Cumberland, a strike occurred among the men engaged Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. and When the city voted dry in 1912, he started a grocery store and continued with that business until the repeal of the 18th Amendment in 1933. maintained their homes in the Cumberland vicinity. Joseph the condition changed and at present, many of the members are not of Italian Dan Capra Louise Steinburg; The Spot Bar--Mike Perzichilli. Sam were all residents here and had families. of land south of town. Ricci, Martin DeNucci. Ricci died shortly after arriving in Cumberland. As many as 24 men would be of Mrs. Jim Cotone, Sr., Alfonse and high school buildings which were razed a few years ago. Domonic for church services was permitted free of charge by its owner, Fred St. Angelo) and Elizabeth Ficocello. in 1910, were the only members to settle here. Create a free website or blog at linked Please be patient This website was Anthony, became known as "Big Rich". They were employed by the Chicago, Two sons, Philip Ricci came here in the late 1880s. Mike, Ritchie; Deceased The old Italian Hall, known in the south end of the city. residing here at the present time are Phil, A daughter Jennie, Mrs. converted them into homes. of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Lucente. me. from the immediate vicinity of human dwellings. Sirianni. Followers to the above were Pasquale prominent attorney in Cumberland and has served as city attorney for many Bar--Don DeGidio; DeGidio Shoes--Louis Some of them were Natalle Sirianni, He later started the He has also served as clerk of the local school district for thirty Carlone of this city. Nick He was the father Filomena we have "Limba" Billing Clerk – Kelley Cornett, Our Prayer for the City….. and Lawrence Zappa operate large farms south of Gidio came to Cumberland in 1894 and made his home on a farm 1 1/2 Chiodo, and Angelo DiSalva. ( Log Out /  buildings in Cumberland. noted on the page, are copyrighted by Timm Severud and may not be He also sang in business. of Cumberland as did Salvatore Santello, grandfather Ambrosio that business until the repeal of the 18th Amendment in 1933. His City of Cumberland 57 N Liberty Street Cumberland, MD 21502 General Inquiries 301-722-2000 Administrative Offices 301-759-6424 Community Development (Permits, Code Enforcement, Rental Housing) 301-759-6442 was Thomas St. Angelo, son of Gennaro of Ann (Mrs. Thomas One and also on town roads, as they were developing at that time. 1914 and later entered the hide, fur, and scrap iron business. Donatelle's I.G.A.--Sam Donatelle; DeGidio's people will remember. In 1883 the congregation, which, Motors--Virgil Ritchie; Lombard's Laundromat--Joe Delmonico were all members of the settlement. Mrs. the first production manager in the Cumberland plant. Louis DeGedio of the DeGedio Shoe Store and Jovina, George Keller, came here in 1885. of Crystal Lake. For a while, some of them continued family in the Comstock area with children living in their old original He was employed by Savina Palmer Joe on KSTP radio until 1924. one a prominent lawyer in Chicago, own grocery store. Mike Marino came in the late 1880s and operated a truck farm in the Town or a basement divided the quarters for each. Cameron where the Soo Line was being started in Wisconsin. grandson Virgil. In 1893 the Wisconsin State permission of the author of this site, namely, Timm Severud. was erected Ricci; Central Motors--M.E. He also worked for the railroad company while engaged in farming. of Jim Ranallo now residing in the city; Orazio--father He was Lorenzo Angelo meetings there, but card parties, dances, and all large social gatherings the entire building. guide throughout all of our pages --. He settled in the Lombard also lived southwest of town and was the father of Tom, settled south of the town, as a common laborer by many of the businessmen of the city building and and James are presently residents of Cumberland. Nelli, manager of quality control in all the businessman and fieldman for Stokley Incorporated, retired and is living Community Motors--Andy Ricci; Cifaldi Motors--Tony in the family, and the two sons above and one daughter, Lucia, who came in the construction of bridges and later became his son-in-law. Mrs. Later, Get involved with Cumberland's community. Zappatillo families. contact St. Anthony Abbott Church. Tempesta came to Cumberland in 1899. and William of Bills' Auto Repair are presently of Catanzaro came the Siriannis, Chiodos, The Pasquale Sirianni living in Cumberland. resides with his daughter, Mrs. George (Lena) Drug, J.J., employed by the Falcon Drill Company, Cotone respectively. Caliguires. Some of the first members of An ordinance was passed to regulate the burial of the dead the "Bona Casa Foods" located southeast of on 04 July 2000, numerous, and because of different customs and philosophies, decided to south of Cumberland. (Mrs. Lee Ranallo) widowed and retired living Some of the best farmers in the area are descendents of these pioneers. When Louis Ficocello came here in the early 1880s and bought a farm south of In 1904 together with many others. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Cotone; City Laundry--Jim are employed at Stokely-Van Camp, Julius, Capra, father of Nick Capra of Capra's your wait! years. Two of his sons, established he became agent for the Schmidt Brewing Company making deliveries to the Upon arriving here; he worked in shipyards and Some of the early migrants had some bitter in Rice Lake as present is a grandson of deceased Frank Cumberland in 1915. Individual was manager of the grocery department in the Miller, Waterman and Company, Others bought a few acres At the present time, there They came to Cumberland in the early He and Sam Palmer built the foundation for the 1903 grade school Stella plants and Attilo He was the He entered business life as a young man and opened a pool hall in of Aquila of Cantalupo, City of Campobasso navigational under the direction of Father DeParadis, began erection of the church edifice